Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Funny feelings...

Ok today's been good got my house work done, taken kids for a walk down to the park and slowly finding my head space is being invaded with down thoughts....still not going to focuse on that...bah! Anywho i'm looking forward to a super yummy parcel of Kaiser Q2 paper kits and Mag EEE!!! to exciting and tonight the Kaiser blog is haven a party to celebrate the new range with give aways and sneak a bit of a tight squeeze with thetime differnce, i just might set up the comptuer up on the bench while i cook the things you do. I've got Ash in the room painting with watercolours...a frog and a monkey love watching the create, even if it sometime is short lived.I stayed up last night teabagging some birthday lables for cards before snuggling up with sweetheart and watching Hulk 2. Finished the three cards this morning, oh and i did another Layout yesterday for Kaiser challenge with Gumm boots, i was spuen my printer ran out of ink, so i learned how to cut/extract images from photos to create a Layout on Photoshop....that was very inspiring! now i just have to sort out my digital go to love that creative feeling..... 

I used the free Tag Kaisercraft digital kit found here..

Unreal the new Digital kits they have on the website
i'm thinking of getting the Friday night jive....

Well i think i just might go cook some hotdogs for lunch and do a little cutting and pasting before going outside for my hour weeding it's been

Blessed be )0(
Goddess protect and gudie
Creative Muse find me...
Take care and go be creative : D
Happy scrappen

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rainy Day...

It's looking rainy as outside....oh what to do but be inside and bake some cookies fill the house the smells of warm and cosy delights, get creative and let the boys get into some paints and playdoh! YEAH!!! sounds Fantastic!!!
I got a bit scrappy yesterday after a fun mission of Making veg sausage rolls and visitor followed by some very theariputic weeding sitting in the sunshine and getting earthy....after the dinner had been done and the boys bathed and put to bed i made two layouts and three cards!! i'm not much of a card person but i'm getting into using up ALL my scraps...but when using Kaisercraft paper you really have no problems : D i'll have to up load them tomorrow when there is better light, today is just so rainy and dark i'll have to bring out the brights today

Sending out all my creative energys to you all today, have a scrappy happy day : D if you can go have a cuddle and feel the warm and fuzzy xxoo


Here's My sweetheart and I, used Kaisercraft Love struck lovely!!
This is my boys have a cuddle after a nice bath
using paper from the Glitter stack : D Kaiser bling and K & Co title

Monday, September 28, 2009

I think i'm getting it...

well now i have beefed up a blog a little i've got to fit in some more Layouts and a few more Photos....easier said than done....what to do when your little boy is napping and the other is playing racing you A) post blogs...B) have a cuppa and read or C) finish scrappen your Layout......mmmmmm this is tough!! lol i'm thinking i might try doing all of on your marks get set SCRAP!!! lol

This is My Big sister Beth aka B* love her to bitz!!

one of many more to come :D

Off to a new start.....

Hello everyone out there :D *waving madly* :D
Welcome to my little corner of this crazy wonderfilled world.
Where to start..umm well i'm starting to find that i really can't stop creating weather it's a a lovely Layout or a lovely boys are always enjoying making a mess with i feel a little overwhealmed @ starting a blog but i'm excited too :D love seeing everyones artwork and finding a little insight into how they work...hope i shall be able to do the same :D So here i go planting the seeds to create a little magick of my own

Bleesed be and take care
Goddess be everywhere
xx oo