Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back In a flash!

Huge hello Everyone!

Well i was almost back in a
well truely i have suprised mysle today not only did i get through church a live 
with both the little boys...whom wanted to speed there hot wheels across the church floor(OMG!)
But i also Baked Cup Cakes and
seemed to get another Kaisercraft sketch done?!
I know! i really have to get some more of this wonder coffee!!
it's a worry though when i realize that i'm grinding my teeth?! ...seriously only one cup

any way i thought i would give the Double Kaisercraft Sketch a go..
well i sort of made it into a simple layout cause my printer is running
out of ink and i just though why not!
so going of the original Saturday Sketch #1 for Jan 2011
i used the basic outlay for the pattern papers, and focused on the three largest
photos on the double layout and
then a few of the embellishment placementand the title placement from the 
original double for balance and then i just filled in the blanks ....
i hope some of that made
well here is what i came up with 

   I really love these photos of Ash and ME :D
they really show those really speacil snuggle moments we have :D which i cherish with all my heart!
i used the Lush collection from Kaisercraft, papers,rubons,die cuts, thise cute little
journal blocks and some Kaisercraft large cream alphas
as well as some Kaisercraft inks!
really given my kaisercraft Stash a work out this weekend :D

Well now with that out of the way i think i can read in 
yeah i know... you think i could block out the need to scrap just long enough to read the last chapters
of my 
But my mind just clicked on how to use this double as a single layout and i was off!
Like a frog in a i love that saying :D

Well Lovelies i really do hope your Sunday has been a scrappy one, but
if not i just hope you got to put your feet up....
or   at the very least a HUGE HUG!!!


Happy Sunday!

Oh For the Love of Sundays!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well i've got to say it is just my totally fav day of the Week Again!
I just LOVE Sundays!!
today is even over cast so i'm stoked!!

I'm thinking after i finish up with my Church thingy with my parents..(LONG Story)
 I'll come home and brew some coffee and get stuck into a sketch and clean up my stash
then i'm thinking i'm going to attack my book..only 5 chapter left!
any way with thqat in mind i better show you what i stayed up last night doing

Kasiercraft Sketch of course!

 I ended up using Pear tree collection from Kaisercraft as it suited the colours in my edited photo,
One of those fun perspective photos that lockie and i
still i really enjoyed using the Kaisercraft chipboard as a mask for the background
along with using the yummy lace and pear strips!

well i'm running out on time and i'm sure i'll be back soon with what ever i make this afternoon
...well thats if my book doesn't swollow up my whole

Happy Sunday Scrappen :D