Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Here I am ...

Huge Hello Everyone!!
Well i know it has been a Long, long, long time since i last posted on my blog,
I have to freely admit that i have been having trouble with my creative mind, or my mind in general...
I'm sure you can understand at times all you can do is laugh and cry all at once,
But over all I'm starting to get back to the real deal...
I have a bit of an announcement, I will be starting up my creative journey and be posting more snippets of what I'm up to via the Eye Candy Magic Face book Page, as i find it loads easier to share quick photos and creative links with all of you, sort of cut out the long post and editing and such....
At least give me a bit of free nature as to hope i can share creative inspirations with you :}
So please feel free to come and like my page and see what I'm up to, I'm also fallen in LOVE with Pintrest and Instagram so you will see me using these handy little tools very frequently,
I honestly hope your all doing well and i look forward to popping around and pinning your creations
Sending you all loads of creative energy, Love and Laughter!