Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scrap the boys - Trick or Treat?

Hello everyone!! Ok so i'm sure you have heard of Scrap the boys by now?! .....No! Well go pop over to the most amazing Imspiring Challenge blog ever!!!

They have two challenge's this month first being theme - Trick or Treat?

Eirther you pick scrappen your boys tricks...or treats! well i picked treats!!
One of the boys most LOVED treats is fresh Baked Cupcakes!!
With sprinkles of course!! lol

How eles to show off the magic of sprinkles and cupcakes but with Sassafrass!
I really love using the brights and the lovely pattrerns in these papers : D

Ok here are the couple of close ups but the second challenge is still going through the works..lol

Happy scrappen lovelies :D