Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not long now

Huge hello everyone!

Its been one h*ll of a busy week!
not much scrappen done :( i had the same layout sitting on my table for like four
days before i got to ink it and glue it down...yeap thats how busy it's been in this

well thursday i finally enrolled in my TAFE course...NOW (New Oppourtunities for Women)
i even have apply first aid in the course outline :D Not bad hey :D
well it's only 3 days a week for 16 weeks then i'm looking at business studies for the next 6months
so that is most of my year
Justin finishes work on Monday so it's all home duties for
He seems to be looking forward to it and getting into him jarring ...i'll explain as 
the mystery

still i'm thinking i haven't blog like in a whole week!
OMG! it just doesn't feel right! i'll be sure to pop up on every Sunday 
at the very least! i promise myself!
well now let me show you what had been sitting on my scrappen desk for four

      Now you can see why! lol using the October Afternoon papers
and some over done
still it's different...
well i moved right along from that mess and dived into the new colour pallet from

I have to admit i love Purple! so i totally loved this pallet 43
i got a little carried away with the Sassafrass
but i loved making the purple masked paper

This has got to be one of my most fav photos, Justin having a nap with lockie :D

well i have to admit i did get to start a new book
but that is almost a feww very late nights...
Just can't put down a good

well i'm hoping your having a fantastic weekend and i hope i
can get into the scrappen some bo bunny tomorrow
cause we all know Sunday is a Must scrap day! :D

Thanks for stopping by and Thank you for all your lovely comments
they make me smile :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back In a flash!

Huge hello Everyone!

Well i was almost back in a
well truely i have suprised mysle today not only did i get through church a live 
with both the little boys...whom wanted to speed there hot wheels across the church floor(OMG!)
But i also Baked Cup Cakes and
seemed to get another Kaisercraft sketch done?!
I know! i really have to get some more of this wonder coffee!!
it's a worry though when i realize that i'm grinding my teeth?! ...seriously only one cup

any way i thought i would give the Double Kaisercraft Sketch a go..
well i sort of made it into a simple layout cause my printer is running
out of ink and i just though why not!
so going of the original Saturday Sketch #1 for Jan 2011
i used the basic outlay for the pattern papers, and focused on the three largest
photos on the double layout and
then a few of the embellishment placementand the title placement from the 
original double for balance and then i just filled in the blanks ....
i hope some of that made
well here is what i came up with 

   I really love these photos of Ash and ME :D
they really show those really speacil snuggle moments we have :D which i cherish with all my heart!
i used the Lush collection from Kaisercraft, papers,rubons,die cuts, thise cute little
journal blocks and some Kaisercraft large cream alphas
as well as some Kaisercraft inks!
really given my kaisercraft Stash a work out this weekend :D

Well now with that out of the way i think i can read in 
yeah i know... you think i could block out the need to scrap just long enough to read the last chapters
of my 
But my mind just clicked on how to use this double as a single layout and i was off!
Like a frog in a i love that saying :D

Well Lovelies i really do hope your Sunday has been a scrappy one, but
if not i just hope you got to put your feet up....
or   at the very least a HUGE HUG!!!


Happy Sunday!

Oh For the Love of Sundays!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well i've got to say it is just my totally fav day of the Week Again!
I just LOVE Sundays!!
today is even over cast so i'm stoked!!

I'm thinking after i finish up with my Church thingy with my parents..(LONG Story)
 I'll come home and brew some coffee and get stuck into a sketch and clean up my stash
then i'm thinking i'm going to attack my book..only 5 chapter left!
any way with thqat in mind i better show you what i stayed up last night doing

Kasiercraft Sketch of course!

 I ended up using Pear tree collection from Kaisercraft as it suited the colours in my edited photo,
One of those fun perspective photos that lockie and i
still i really enjoyed using the Kaisercraft chipboard as a mask for the background
along with using the yummy lace and pear strips!

well i'm running out on time and i'm sure i'll be back soon with what ever i make this afternoon
...well thats if my book doesn't swollow up my whole

Happy Sunday Scrappen :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bring on the Coffee!!

Huge hello Everyone!
Hope your friday is finding you well and has given you enough time for
all the important things and of cousre the

Well totday was a bit of a challenge
just getting out of bed and organizes was a mission
so out comes the super dooper coffee
Now two layouts later and all the chores done...well
except for dinner....I'm able to jump on real quick and show you what i've been up too...

Now first i really wanted to get these photos scrapped..
you know those ones that have been floating around on your desk for a
Well those ones!!
now i found it really hard to match these colours in the Kaisercraft ranges as i wanted 
to do last Saturday sketch before tomorrows,
I ever started name calling the editor of these photo..
lol which is
WHy couldn't i have just fiddle with the Saturation or Just made them black and white!!
lol! now thats one trick i have learned scrapbooking
Trick #1 make sure your pattern papers, matches the colours in your photo/s
so this was a mission, any way settled on what was left of the Roboctics range from
way back...

As you can see the blue is a little off (LOL that beein nice)
but still i was trying to match up the yellows and reds...and sort of
oh well still time to do this sketch again :D

Next i Dived into the New Pallet from The Colour Room
Now when i fisrt saw this pallet i was .."oh yeah blues?!"
then after a look at what the Creative team came up wiht i just went straight for 
my Fancy Pants Happy together collection

So with a sprinkle of prima and a some lovely Glimmer mist i cam up with this
darling layout...
Well my man is given we the un spoken code of "it's my turn on the computer"
LOL! so i better bend to the whim of My Working man
You how it is keep your your family happy :D
their happy your happy :D

Hope you've enjoyed my little

What a Candy Kit!!

Huge Hello Everyone!!
I just couldn't help myself!!
Check out this delish Giveaway from

How yummy are these brights!! Not to mentions the other delish kits you
can find at the Po Dot Place

So if you want a chance to win, just visit Art of Love blog 
and follow your check list :D
too easy!!

If you don't want to wait to see if you win, just pop into the Poka Dot Place!

Thnks Lovelies :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally some Scrappen!

Huge hello everyone!

Finally a stay at home day filled with some cleaning, playing
laughing and scrappen! and of course coffee..MMMmmmm!
so what have i been scrappen today?
well i finally got to do the Get Picky Sketch!
funny looking back at the other Get Picky creations i've made i've
been reach for the Bella Blvd every time??!!
got to love these brights!

Have to admit it is a bit plain jane, but i thought why not!
less is more wright???
 well with that thought i dived into some thing with a little more layers
and got another Jack done?!
I know! another JACK!!
i'm really love Scrap Jacked!
who wouldn't!
so this time i took on Sarahs OTP creation...manyly cause i had an empty
frame laying around and thought..why not! i haven't made an OTP is ages!!
so out comes the Fancy pants papers a a lovely prima flower
and some other candy from my stash...

I also made a really quick card with left over glimmer Mist that was on my Prima Mask
a little stiching and a couple of alphas..

So that all i've got done today and as you can see i have finally sorted out my blog!
so now i'm in love with the Shabby blogs!  :D
Now just to find a better
Hope your day is going good if not Great!!
i'm hoping to top off my after noon with a cuppa and a few chapters of my book..
well thats if the boys left

Happy scrappen lovelies {HUGS}

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work in Progress

Huge hello Everyone!!

Well i've just got to say....WOW! there are some beautiful Blog out there!
After seeing so many i wanted to get a new look for my blog...BUt after some real hair pulling
ihaven't found one yet that i like and am able to use *eye roll* so bare with me as my blog willbe changing a bit as i'm looking for some thing a little more brighter and whimsical...
if you know any great place...PLEASE let me know :D

So with that in mind i'm also have some hiccups with Blog hopping
i really want to comment on everyone blog that took the time to come
and leave me love (As this really brightens My day and makes me feel not so alone)
But my internet keeps timing out!! AARRHH! why is love so difficult!
Still i'm just haven to time it right! 
Seriously i'm going to keep this blog up as i really will miss all of you and i really
love haven a rant and showing you all what i've been not everyone understand
why i love scrapbooking/paapercraft so much....
Like the other day when My sister popped over
first time in so long that i was showing off nilly a whole ablum of layouts she hadn't  
 seen! alwell as showing my goodies off that i got about a month ago..
She gave me that look of...."yeah right....thats nice...but you payed how much???"

But thierP-R-I-M-A!
see i knew you would
really they were a bargian cause they were 40% off at Anna's Crafting Cupboard!
Yeah i know...40%!!!
see some people just don't get at least my mum understands the shopping bit
she is always telling me to take up on sales!

still these are the moments i think about all of you and go least they understand
and i have friends that totally know the need to scrap!!!

So today was the big day...Rent Inspection!! and all was Sweet!
Actually i was very surprised to see the lady left use little lolliepops and some taffy!
How lovely is that! i mean it lovely getting a paper with Everything is beautiful and clean
but lollies too! Oh i love this lady!

Spent the morning with My Aunty Joan and Uncle Jim at my parents for  a lovely
lunch, and it was so wonderful catching and just haven a great natter,

Also had Enrolments today....well found out that my course enrolments are next week
so i was able to leave my papers and my name down so i'm in!!
Just about a student....EEEeeeee!!! so exciting!!

so two more weeks of hoildays and Ash and I are back too school!
so i'm going to get really scrappen!!
two more weeks of just scrappen bliss!

talking about scrappen i've just strated the Get picky sketch!
have you seen it?!

so i'm going to disappear and finish it and get back to show you :D
Happy scrappen :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Now for something completey different...

Huge hello Everyone!!

Well i haven't been up to anything too
Just enjoying a Sunday with My boys , trying to wash some walls for our rent
inspections on Wednesday...same day i get to enrol!!!
Really looking forward to getting back into study and then onto greater things...
not that my boys are not the greatest things i'll ever have/be...Just need to get back into the rat race so to
will miss the SAHM routine...and i know my scrappen will turn into a late night thing
What ever will be will be! :D
Just as long as my boys are happy and i get some me time all is sweet!

How you have enjoyed your Sunday!
I bet Sunday has to be one of the best days!

Any hoo! i've gotten into the Colour Room (AT LAST!) i've been floating around but never seem to stick to the colour  well least i've been getting the
Now wait till you see this Pallet

How Yummy!! and the layouts in the Colour Room!
OMG! seriously worth drooling over!!
so after a while of staring i was all for a simple layout and amp up the
saturation of the pallet...
But thigs got a little out of hand and the page took on a mind of it's

This is a photo of my Neice Princess Maddison :D i thought her bather totally fit this pallet!
and i'm so glad i used some felt for a change! :D
Totally enjoyed rolling around in my Sassafrass :D

then My scrap table was turned into a Cave (Kids building so i cranked up Photo shop and dived in a template challenge from PickleBerry Pop...Man i almost forgot how much Fun it is to scrap on the computer! no Mess no fuss! no worries! ....i think i would miss the hands on feel and the shopping! mind you it's just as easy to get into shopping with all the digital kits! lol!

I have ponder many times about going all digital but i think i'm too far gone to get rid of my stash...just too much!!

Well here is what  i came up with Using the Wild Child Kit by Lindsay Jane and the Template by LorieM Designs

Now here is a question....Could you go all digital???
I also have a real issue with storage!! Now no joke i haven't bought an album for a while so i have now four piza boxes full of finished layout!! How do you cope with your Storage??? Not just the materials i mean the Finished creations!!....Should i just make a libary??? LOL!

Oh well least i had fun making

Happy scrappen lovely :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Jack!

Huge hello Everyone!!!

Yes you read right i Jacked another layout from Scrap Jacked *Blushing*
I Just couldn't help myself!
Well this time i think i think i really pushed the comfort zone...
Right out the window!!!
I wanted to Jack  Lisa Layout,
I was draw by the lovely textures and the circles and over all style.
Now this was a HUGE challenge
as i just don't do Flowers much on a layout and the shabby chic is so not my thing,
I totally love shabby chic but i don't do it cause..well i haven't felt my
boys really fit into a shabby chic
 More like loud bright colours, if you know what i

so this was a totally drama....figuring out the flowers and the Papers!
oh seriously nilly got a headache over choosing papers!!
i change my mind so many times!
so i settled with Basic don't know how much i would have killed for
 some Prima or Webster!
Any whoo!
i came up with this layout ,

I'm really happy with the texture on this layout! i love the circles and the machine stitching over them!
I've got to find another way to use this in another layout just LOVE it!!
So HUGE thanks to Lisa! for pushing out of my comfort zone and showing me another thing i Love to do!

So if you haven't caught on yet to the Wickedly Inspiring Scrap Jacked Blog
GO! Check It Out!! NOW!!

So i didn't even mention what a funny day i've had besides Freaking over my non-shabby 
I honestly thought today was Saturday! got up and got ready for outing to my parents, kids dress and ready and..... nothing?! until i phoned my Mum and she laughed so hard! 
Thanks Mum! now i really do feel like a goose!
LOL! still that reminds me of a fortune i got in a cookie this Chirstmas...
"One good thing about being wrong, is the joy it brings others"
Yes! i got that as a fortune! Seriously!
Now if thats not insightful what is?! ..ROFL
Well i ended up taking the kids to the park and haven a picnic
 and haven fun soaking up the sun and playing with the kids
Taking some fun photos and feeding the Ducks
so not a complete loss...

well i think it's that time for an afternoon Coffee and get Dinner sorted...or maybe squeeze
in a chapter of My Book before dinner
Hope your day has be fun, if not don't stress there will be another one

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A 100 already?!

Huge Hello Everyone :D
Man I've a bit shocked to see this is my 100th post!
WOW this calls for a RAK Giveaway!
don't you think???

Well i've got to say it wasn't as hard as i thought to get to a hundered post,
i mean it not that hard to rabbit on about nothing in much
Any way lets see what booty i'm given away...

Pretty cool! at least a bit to play with, I'm also going to throw in some Snady lion stickers for Kidlids so
they don't feel left :D Now all you got to do is
1. Become a follower..if not already {HUGS}
2. Comment on this post and
3. Post on your blog about this giveaway, so we can share the love :D

I'll get my cool looking cherib to pull a name out of a hat and post the winner on the 1st of Feb 2011 :D sweet :D  
AAWW! he is just so sweet!..*cough, cough* i mean cool!

Now onto more important things like what i've been creatin, to avoid the
Now i couldn't help myself i Jacked another Layout from the Scrap Jacks Blog Challenge
this time i Jacked Mels layout...
Mel is a totally Hun, I meet her first at Scrap therapy (Which is one of the Best shopping stops)
the forum is jammed packed for of inspiration and Knowledge!

Now this is what i came up with....

Now i was mostly inspired by Mels layout because of the Bubble wrap texture she had created in th back ground and the inked up boarder....i ended up using the layout as a sketch as it suit my photo so well!
Thanks heaps Mel! and Thank you Scrp Jacks!!
I'll be

Next of the bat is My ATC for Scrap and Art
now the theme was Animals...

Thanks Angie for organizing this year ATC, lets hope i can keep up with the rest of the
well now i've come to the end of my post and i'm looking at my "To do List" ...
now i wish i had some more
Not that bad really..i just don't like cleaning in the heat....
Not to worry...i think i may make an iced coffee?
Any one for an Iced coffee? Homemade...home brewed ?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back again!!

Huge hello Everyone :D

Now bright and early on a Wednesday Mornin, what better
to do than have a cuppa with my blog
that and plan my next layout..hhmmm

As i mentioned yesterday i had a few more challenge layouts done,
funny how sometimes i new a challenge to get me scrappen...
i think i just love a challenge to get me out of my comfort zone

Well i have give Kraft it up challenge a go this month
theme is "Summer" got to have Summer in the title and use Kraft as the base for your layout
so off i hopped in to the kraft ( Which i 'm using a lot of lately?!)

Using the perfect Sun Soaked collection from Bo Bunny! totally matches the bathers Maddison and Ash are wearing :D
 If you got some Kraft and some really great summer shots this summer hoildays give this challenge a go!
then post it up at Kraft it up!

Next on the pitch is a layout for the New revamped Scrap Jacked! Now i've got to say there is so much talent on this little blog! the challenge is to pick one DT layout to scrap lift, sounds  easy right? well the hard part is chooseing just one DT seriously worth checking out!

Now for Januray DT line up i chose to scrap lift "Christine" Layout, i really love her hand made boarders and the way she used the Boy papers from Echo park... so out came my stash the Echo papers

    Just love these colours in these papers! so bright and playful, suits my Boys down to a T!
I enjoy this challenge so much i may just scrap lift an other DT layout...looking at "Mel"s with that 
Bubble wrap texture in the background s got me thinking.....

Well the last thing i created yesterday was a Card for the Basic Grey Blog 
They are back in full swing this year and are on the prowl for some new DT's
so if you LOVE Basic Grey and want to inspire others pop over to the Basic Grey Blog
to see the details :D

Now this months theme is "Dot's and Spot's"
making sure i'm using Baisc Grey products i created this card
I USed the awful sweet Urban Praies papers and the Cute little Kiki stamp from Deb's Creations
Well thanks for stopping and seeing what i've been up too,
Here is hopping today will be a  creative one
and Happy Unbirthday to you all :D