Monday, September 28, 2009

I think i'm getting it...

well now i have beefed up a blog a little i've got to fit in some more Layouts and a few more Photos....easier said than done....what to do when your little boy is napping and the other is playing racing you A) post blogs...B) have a cuppa and read or C) finish scrappen your Layout......mmmmmm this is tough!! lol i'm thinking i might try doing all of on your marks get set SCRAP!!! lol

This is My Big sister Beth aka B* love her to bitz!!

one of many more to come :D

Off to a new start.....

Hello everyone out there :D *waving madly* :D
Welcome to my little corner of this crazy wonderfilled world.
Where to start..umm well i'm starting to find that i really can't stop creating weather it's a a lovely Layout or a lovely boys are always enjoying making a mess with i feel a little overwhealmed @ starting a blog but i'm excited too :D love seeing everyones artwork and finding a little insight into how they work...hope i shall be able to do the same :D So here i go planting the seeds to create a little magick of my own

Bleesed be and take care
Goddess be everywhere
xx oo