Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Jack!

Huge hello Everyone!!!

Yes you read right i Jacked another layout from Scrap Jacked *Blushing*
I Just couldn't help myself!
Well this time i think i think i really pushed the comfort zone...
Right out the window!!!
I wanted to Jack  Lisa Layout,
I was draw by the lovely textures and the circles and over all style.
Now this was a HUGE challenge
as i just don't do Flowers much on a layout and the shabby chic is so not my thing,
I totally love shabby chic but i don't do it cause..well i haven't felt my
boys really fit into a shabby chic
 More like loud bright colours, if you know what i

so this was a totally drama....figuring out the flowers and the Papers!
oh seriously nilly got a headache over choosing papers!!
i change my mind so many times!
so i settled with Basic don't know how much i would have killed for
 some Prima or Webster!
Any whoo!
i came up with this layout ,

I'm really happy with the texture on this layout! i love the circles and the machine stitching over them!
I've got to find another way to use this in another layout just LOVE it!!
So HUGE thanks to Lisa! for pushing out of my comfort zone and showing me another thing i Love to do!

So if you haven't caught on yet to the Wickedly Inspiring Scrap Jacked Blog
GO! Check It Out!! NOW!!

So i didn't even mention what a funny day i've had besides Freaking over my non-shabby 
I honestly thought today was Saturday! got up and got ready for outing to my parents, kids dress and ready and..... nothing?! until i phoned my Mum and she laughed so hard! 
Thanks Mum! now i really do feel like a goose!
LOL! still that reminds me of a fortune i got in a cookie this Chirstmas...
"One good thing about being wrong, is the joy it brings others"
Yes! i got that as a fortune! Seriously!
Now if thats not insightful what is?! ..ROFL
Well i ended up taking the kids to the park and haven a picnic
 and haven fun soaking up the sun and playing with the kids
Taking some fun photos and feeding the Ducks
so not a complete loss...

well i think it's that time for an afternoon Coffee and get Dinner sorted...or maybe squeeze
in a chapter of My Book before dinner
Hope your day has be fun, if not don't stress there will be another one