Sunday, May 1, 2011


Huge Hello Everyone!

A very be welcome to my very first Homemade Eye Candy Sale!
i hope you all can find something that tickles your Fancy :)

so grab a cuppa and have a look and
when your ready to order click on the how to order tab to
grab my detail and shoot me an email so i can pack and post
your Eye Candy ASAP!

First i want to show you my kits i have for sale

Earth Tones
this kit includes
36cm of green and brown ric rac, 1 bottle cap 3cm,
25cm brown lace, 3cm owl badge, 1cm poka dot pin badge,
1 large 7cm lollie pop flower & one small 5cm matching flower
as well as two crhochet flower white 4.5cm brown 3cm

Purple & Greens
kit includes
1 lenght of purple and white poka dot ribbon 30cm
1large flower 7cm, 1 small flower 4cm, one blue crohet flower 5cm,
1 fimo mushroom2.5cm height 1 fishy button 2cm
felt cloud 7cm long and moon 5cm height.

Pink and Blue
this kit includes
lace/ribbon 28cm lenght, 1 large flower 7cm 2 mall flowers 4.5cm,
1 crochet flower 5cm, 1 badge 2cm, 1 poka dot pin badge1cm, 3 swirl fimo hearts 2cm -1cm wide

Denim Red
1 Denim boarder 18.5cm with studs, 1x 2cm badge, 1 fimo skull 2cm,
1 large strip flower 7cm, 1 large fold flower 4 cm, 1 small fold flower 3cm,
3 swirl fimo heart differnt sizes 2 cm - 1cm, 1 lenght of twine red and white 78cm long

Rainbow Kit
this kit includes
1 lenght of rainbow misted lace 31cm, 36cm ribbon purple hearts,
19cm rainbow painted canvas boarder, 1x 5cm pink crochet flower, 1x 4cm blue crochet flower,
1 felt sun 5-6cm, small 3cm long & 7cm long cloud set,1 large rainbow flower 7cm, 1 small rainbow flower 4cm, 1 fimo rainbo button 3.5cm, 1 fimo rainbow 3cm and 1 fruit salad fimo button 3cm.

Next is my Button, Brads and badges

  Somethings Fishy
You will recieve
1 large badge fishy 2.5cm
1 medium button fishy 2cm
1 small brad fishy 1.5cm

set of three for $3.20 

Moneky or Dog?
1 Button large 2.5 cm
One dog and one monkey left
Mixed up Brads
you'll recieve
1 large strip brad 2.5cm
1large monkey brad 2.5cm
1 medium fishy brad 2cm
1 small owl brad 1.5cm

Glitter threads
30cm each colour
yellow, orange and pink
Tasty Twine Packs
120cm each colour twine, yellow, black, orange, red
and five matching paper clips
as pictured above
Denim Boarders
Pink stiching and pink rhinstones!
21cm lenght and 6 cm wide

Canvas Flower Mix
set of three canvas flower
7cm wide
Funky Felt flowers
set of three
5cm wide
Pink and blue silk flower set
1 large 7cm and 1 small 4.5cm
Yellow Denim
 Felt and denim layered, fimo heart button.
2.5cm  $1.10 each
Canvas felt fimo
 2.5cm 1.10each

 Red Denim
set of 3
1 large canvas flower 7cm
1 large denim flower 4cm
1 small denim flower 3cm

Purple and Green flowers
set of 2
1 large flower 7cm
1 small flower 4cm

Moon and Cloud set
 set of 3
1 moon 3cm long 4.5cm high
1 large cloud 7cm long
1 small cloud 3cm long

Spotty Felt Buttons
set of 3
felt buttons as pictured above
2.5cm wide

Crochet Flowers
5cm wide set of 5
blue,yellow, pink, red and orange
*SOLD OUT* more too come in JUNE
Pink and Blue Set 1
set of 3
5cm wide white, blue and pink

Pink and blue set2
set of 3
2 x5cm blue and light pink
1x 4cm bright pink

Rainbow set
set of 6
5cm wide as picture above 
*SOLD OUT* More to come in JUNE

Fimo star Buttons
set of 3
4cm wide
as pitured above

Swirl Fimo Heart
set of 3
2 -1cm wide

Funny Fimo Clouds


Purple and Green Mushies
set of 2
one green top and one purple top
3cm high and 2.5cm wide

Rainbows and Mushrooms
set of 2
one rainbow 3cmhigh and 2.5cm wide and one mushroom 3cm high and 2.5cm wide

Fruit Salad Fimo Buttons
a bit of everything on these buttons :)
sizes vary from 4-2.5cm
set of 2
one yellow and  one blue

Heart Fimo Buttons
set of 3
as pictured above
size vary from 2 -1.5cm

Vintage Bottle Caps
set of 4
you pick from the picture below which ones you like
set of four different bottle top caps

these are the different design on the caps to choose from :)

i think that is truely the biggest post i have ever done!
but not the last :)

so please send me your list of goodies
and i will send you back my details and the final price
postage is $1.20 for a kit and a few extra goodies
a little more postage for larger order

International orders are also welcome
postage starts at $2.20

If you have any questions i'm more than happy to answer them

Thank you so much for you order i truely
an grateful and so excited to share my creative inspiration with you all!

happy shopping :)

Emerald Faeries Garden Challenge Blog!

Huge Hello Everyone!

well not long now till my sale is up and you all get to see what goodies i have been making
but first i wanted to share with your the
Awesome new challenge blog of the Emerald Faires Garden!

Today is the day that the very first challnege is posted up so you have
the chance to win your own fairy!
so the theme for this challenge is
so what ever you wish, just create a card, layout, OTP or anything that is paper crafty
and post a link on the Blog!
check here for all the juciy details and rules from Deb!

here a few simple rules to follow to play along with the challenge ever month :)

so what have i created to inspire you well
i felt very inspired by these cute little faires
so i made a door hanger for my boys working with the
faires Sookie and Boo :)
and those cheeky Larikins!
with the jungle Bug collection form kaisercraft

How sweet are these little guys!
if you really want to just get your hands on some like NOW!

So with all this excitment of the first challenge on the Emerald Faires Garden
i hope you stick around for a few more hours to see my
first ever Handmade eye Candy Sale! :)

Thanks for looking and for all your lovely comment that toally make me smile :)
can't see what you create for Challenge blog
and if your itching for another challenge remember to
try out my monthly challenge
found here
to be in the chance to win some serious Eye Candy!

Happy scrappen chickie babes!