Monday, March 21, 2011

One Creative Morning....

ne CraHuge Hello Everyone!

Well what a week!

with all the excitment of Deb's Creations 
Launch of the New Emerald Faires
and Isla...
I have had sometime to get my homework done from TAFE and
find sometime to have a go at a couple of challenges... YEAH!

Now i really happy to have had the creative bug the past weekend so i could also have a crack 
at the Fimo and flowers i have been wanting to make

 Well what do you think?? Good enough to start an Embellishment
Kit club???
Oh i can dream can't i
Dream in progress :D

So i was totally amped up on Sunday to get into some serious scrappen
as i had all morning to "Go for it" as my partner put
thank hun :) 
so i wanted to have a Go at this months Sketch from Anna's Craft cupboard
Using the Cosmic Crieckt Garden Vairiety collection

So funny when your trying to photographe a bunch
little kids...what a mission to get them all looking in the same
these photos crack me up!
i so loved when My Big Brother and his totally LOVEABLE family came over
for christmas...LOVED ever moment!
and so did the Boys!

Now what awesome News that Scrap the Boys Are BACK!
so i had to jump in to this challenge!
being "Freeze a moment in time"
 i couldn't help thinking back to when Justin
asked me to Marry him...aaarrhhh
totally Bliss! well i think so :)
so here is my take on this challenge
using Cosmic Cricket Get Happy collection

One lastt one before the morning was through...
this one was more of based on a sketch and then carried away on it's own and looked
nothing like the sketch i started
but i love this photo and it was one of the most beautiful Birthday mornings
i have ever shared with our little family
total bliss!

Using that fantastic Seaside Collections from Kaisercraft
and adding some shells we found on the morning :) 

Almost forgot my Mum asked me to create two
card for Two Decans that are have their Ordination in the next few weeks
so i seeked out some doves of peace and played in photoshop
Mounted them on some Basic Grey papers

I have also got so super exciting news but i have to keep my lips totally sealed...
Hehehe, so sorry to be cheecky but i'm EXCITED!

well chickies i hope you have found some inspiration
or at least something pretty to look at, lol
Oh Also Don't forget to Give My March Colour Combo Challenge a go!
See here for the Juicy Details
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!
they make me smile and realize there is more scrapbooking addicted
loves out there! 
Happy scrappen Chickies!