Eye Candy Magic Here

Huge Hello Everyone!

I'm very proud to say that I'm a passionate scrapbooker and love every aspect of Art and craft.

There is nothing more in this world I love than being able to share
creative inspiration :)

So with some encouragement from my lovely scrappen friends
I have been creating some lovely handmade Eye Candy Magic!

I love textures, colours and down right interesting Embellishments
so I am on the prowl to design and create
my Eye Candy Magic and share it with the world!

Please understand it is just me and my two hand that have created some of these creations
so when a sale is on please remember that there is limited numbers.

But ever bit is made with love, laughter and a passion for creations!

I've always craved new ideas and always on the look out for my next design,

Just a note... since i have taking up studying and working
my creative time has sadly decreased,

So i am at the stage that i will be hosting only a few sales a year,

so be sure to pop in and see what goodies are up for grabs :)

Also happy for any creative commisons :)
Contact me by emailing  candyeyemagic@gmail.com


Here is some of the goodies :) 

Doilie Buttons

Fimo Fun


Fimo pins

Star Pins

Strawberry Pins

Heart Pins

Birdie Pins

Boat Buttons -

Car buttons

Butterfly Buttons

Beaded Pins