Friday, January 22, 2010

Creations for 2010

Hello just wanted to set out my creative goal list for this year and show what i have done this month so far..
  • At least one Digital Layout a month
  • At least four Layouts a month 
  • One OTP a month
  • Enter Scrapbooking Master 2010
Also i'm on the band wagon of NOT over spending my Scrappen Budget so far so
Sohere are my first creation for January 2010..... 

Kasiercraft digi kit Rustic charm, Template from Free digital scrapbooking.
This is also a digital Layout Kit Animal soup by Kate Fairlie, found at PickleberryPop and template from Free digital Scrapbooking.
     this was from an Element swap @ Arty pants Forum, fantastic fun at Arty Pant! and Awesome Kits Too! So there you have it, not short from my goal list including a birthday      If you want to have a go with Digital all you need is Photoshop and a few freekits to give it a go, Pickleberrypop is awesome for help and the kits are amazing! Kaisercraft Digital site is so yummo too if your a Kaiserfan like myself, and this Free Digital Scrapbooking site is really cool too! so check it out! it fits in with the cheaper and still can't beat that hands on till next time...Happy scrappen :D

Storeage on a Budget

OK now if your anything like me i love being organized and being orgainzed means your able to find things and get more done quickly! also with storage it really shouldn't have to cost the world, so i have finally orgainized my ribbons, since i very rarely use any and have a lot of it i thought my problem was how i was storing it. After asking a few forums how they stored their ribbons and found a very cheap and green way to store my ribbons. Using an empty Formula Tin and a bunch of zip lock bags i have had since two years ago, just sitting in the dark bit of my a huge so a sort out was in order..... as you can see my ribbons are a complete and the glad bags and empty tin.....tin with a splash of Kasiercraft Lorie Valley range and all my ribbons sorted into colours, i kept some pattern ribbons together also. so next i'll sort out my

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's been to long!

LOL! what a fun ride these past weeks! i have onlty stepped into my space a few times only to walk back out again, no time for me to be creative with my lovely papers and no time to blog hop...just cleaning, caring and running around after everyone sound oddly farmiliar....I'm sure you all have had a wonderful christmas and a smashing New year! WIsh you all the very best and the most delish for 2010! Off to a good start ourseleves! Everyone has been sick with a tummy bug! i must admit i do feel this year is the start of Ash Kindy and time to get ready for the ever approaching School days, I really want to make a better time plan for everyone to get time with each other and still as long as we are happy and  healthy...i'm stoked! i've been doing a few little crafty things but haven't edited my pics still getting around to must dash, life is whipping up a wind that is pulling me away...till next time...i will be more organized and post some pics and ramble a little xx happy scrappen and weave some magic into your days ladies! xx Blessed be!