Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yay for Sam! Sassy Scrappers May Sketch Challenge!

Huge Hello Everyone!!
Well I'm very excited to say that i have completed
 my first layout challenge in months!
a whirl as I'm not a huge one for multi photo layouts...
Now i ended up with one less photo than the
sketch but I'm really happy with what i came up with for my first
layout in a while,
I forgot how much fun creating layers were!
="http://www.sassyscrapper.com.au/" title=><img src="http://i.picasion.com/pic65/415a57733d06ea4a69c04d754c3ab35d.gif" width="200" height="66" border="0" alt="/" /><br />
I ended up working with some of Bobunnys Adora Papers
from one of my past kits from Sassy Scrappers
So you can find all these yummy papers at the revamped store..
I am totally in LOVE with the stores new look and find it so
much more easier to browse and shop in the new site.
So here is the layout i created
"Love Love to Bake Cookies"
Please excuse my poor photo quilaty these photos are taken through my phone and uploaded
via instagam...i was a little to excited to share with you all to go through with the
my big Sony cam...lol
lookin at these photos now i really have to take some real photos...
the colours are so much more brighter and alive...just how I'm feeling
after i had finished my layout :}
So So Happy!
Thanks again to everyone for your supportive and heart felt comments,
Honestly i felt so uplifted and excited to finally getting back to my happy place
i couldn't wait :}
Many {{{HUGS}}} to you all!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Somethings Missing....

Huge Hello Everyone!
I seem to be missing something,
I have being trying to find it....not sure how
It's been missing for sometime now and my frustration is grow.
I had plans to continue with being creative through my Facebook page
and seems to be a bust,
Even taking photographs have been a mission,
I have started this month a photo a day challenge to get myself back into
at least taking photos and capturing the moments.
Depressions is a funny thing, sucks the life out of you and your left to really
find yourself balance.
I am getting better, it has taking me a while to even admit that
I am suffering from depression, bit of a surprise when it creeps up on you...lol
I want to start taking more photos and start with a different scrap challenge a month.
I think this is how i'm going to find my groove, find that wonderful something I
have been missing for at least 6 long months now...
I have to promise to myself to really try and get back to where I was creatively
and find that happy place filled with laughter, love and paint :}
Thank you all for listening and showing your support
through the past years, all your encouragement and community spirit has made me
feel as I am a part of something amazing and wonderful.
Please take a moment and give yourself a HUGE HUG!
cause you are amazing and incredible!
 “Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr Suess