Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Huge Hello Everyone!!!

OMG! has it been nilly two weeks since my last post!
well truely it feels longer to me!

i'm so sorry! i feel like i have missed out on so much!
all of your bloggs are bursting with inspiring layouts and other creations!

I have to admit i have been Missing In Action because
of lifes many stressors!
with Money troubles, balancing studies and home life
and the then breaker was a personal health issuse! AARRHH!
so i need sometime to have a Deep breath and reset!
so after the huge knot unraveled yesterday i feel
so much better! 
Fantastic news from the Doctor! Money sorted! and school work.... well
still chugging through nicley :)
so I want to say thank you for your emails and letting me know
you care :) cause truth be told I MISSED ALL of YOU TOO!!!
so Group
i seriously Heart you chickie babes!
and i will be back on Sunday with a post of the few things i have
created....not much but still i'm sure after checking out all your blogs i'll be busting
at the seems with inspiration!
so F.Y.I lovely i'm not sick and dying
i'm back on top and ready to share the love and see what
fantastic creation you all have been up too :)

Happy scrappen
see you Sunday :)