Thursday, April 7, 2011

Handmade by Suzanne!! Got to Go Shopping!

Huge Hello!!

I'm sure you have all ready heard about 

Well if you haven't you got to check this store out!
it's got a large selection and it's in WA! WOOT WOOT!
well thats always a plus for
being a WA gal myself :)

But also they are have an awesome comp running to speard the word of joy they are!
All you have to do is post all over your blog about the  Handmade by Suzanne
post up their blinkie and a link back to their store and let them know you have
done so via email or face book and you will be in the lucky pot
to win a $20 voucher and free postage! OMG!
seriously how exciting!
if thats not enough they also run a month sketch comp with a $30 vouch up for grabs Every month!
so pop over to 

{Hugs} Chickies!
and Good luck! :)
see you all on Saturday to see your lovely creations!