Saturday, February 25, 2012

Guess What?!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well what a week!
at the moment I'm sitting in a mess of a craft/study room
Justin and I are in the midst of doing a MASSIVE clean/organize

But with the idea of a super organized area I'm really excited to get into so
Art and create some of my ideas :)

Tafe has been really full on, but really loven the brain work and
balancing my creative mind and my logic fairly well...

I'm super excited too about this week as i have two Ultra AMAZING
events happen

first i was really really lucky to score a spot
in the "She had three Hearts" workshop with Christy Tomlinson   
as she was having a sale and i was able to squeeze the budget for $25.00!

to my amazement i also receive access too the "Creative colour" workshop
i have also been eye off!

WOOHOO! $25.00 for two workshops..
so so lucky! Thank you Christy!! MWHA!

Now if this wasn't exciting enough i have some really BIG BIG BIG BIG News!


I have been Accepted to be a Designer Team Member at

A Piece of Cake Designs!!!

OMG! How amazing is that!!

As you all know i just LOVE Kits!
and to be chosen for this Design team i will show the world
how easy and fun it is to work with a well designed kit!

If you haven't heard about A piece of Cake Designs
its a new Scrapbooking Kits Store
that supplies you with limited monthly kits..
but these kits are different to any other on the market

these kits are made with a lot of love and attention for detail
As Raquel is the owner and Kit designer you can imagine what
delish colour and texture combos you will be receiving every month..

The papers are handpicked from varies companies and are match together with colours and
unique and scrumptious embellishments

If this is not enough for you to be inspired 
each month one of the Design Team will be creating you a recipe
to help you whip up your own layout!

as well as weekly creations to keep you inspired and
creating :)

SO you really have to watch this space to see the first kit unveiling...
5th March for the March Kit...

If you Love giveaways then you need to know about
A Piece of Cake Design

Kit Giveaway!!

How Cool it that!!

so pop over to the site and get into the loop!
and you'll never miss any other the action!!
and you could win!!

speaking about winning have you signed up for my monthly giveaway??

the month is nilly at a end and I'll be drawing a winner on the 1st week of March
so follow the link and pop your name down to be in to win

    Now with all this excitement i am surprised i even got any scrappen
But i did! i was able to get in one layout that has been giving me a little grief
I think it was the pink that really had me up in arms..just took me a while to balance it

But i really wanted to take this challenge from 123 challenge
1. Word "free or fresh"
2. the colour "FUCHSIA"

And this is what i came up with ...

Free spirit at heart

As you can see i have gottin into my paints and stamps and made a real

I have also used some of my Eye Candy Magic embellishments
and  Rainbow Splendor pinwheel! so Cute!

Thanks for the inspiration 123 Challenge!

Now i really must fly, i have to get some homework done before work this afternoon
My aim is to finish my homework so i can jump into some fimo...
After work...after the house is finished getting
Well you know what i

Hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with LOADS of creative fun!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

To dye for....

Huge Hello Everyone!!

Well another amazing week!

i will admit i was a little full on at the end of friday,
i just couldn't make my balance sheet!
got there in the

Still i had a great time during the week i was able to squeeze out a layout
for the sketch challenge at

Annas Craft Cupboard

 and Bird is the Word "Journey" 

Bird is the Word

so i was able to scrap one of the photos from Ash's and Locklan first day back too school!

Getting into the school theme with Kaisercraft Class of '86

splashing about the Eye Candy Magic Buttons and Fimo Owl
and a yummy Charms Creation :)

As you can see Justin is walking the boys to school :)

another awesome thing i got to do this week was to get some Hand dying done :)

LOADS of Doilies, trims and and some harrsen!! or as my dad would say
potato :)


All the colours!! i can't wait to play!!

I'm also excited to have some more fimo coming that means that i will be creating
some EYE CANDY MAGIC to share!!

also one last exciting thing happen this week...

My Boy Ash is turning 6!!!
Yep! tomorrow!!
he is very excited and he is going to flip when he
sees the Hot wheels colour shifter colurs we have gotten him!

As well as the Hot wheels Cake Justin had made him...

How cool is this cake!!

Well i'm sure he is going to be stoked!

Well i'm off to blow up like zilllions of

all worth the look on their faces :)

Thank you for stopping by :) your comments make me smile :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and an amazing week!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Giveaways and Inspirations

Huge Hello Everyone!

What an awesome first week back at TAFE!

each day i have been giving loads of homework and feeling a little
excited over how I'm actually understanding the tax system?!

so so excited about finding out more about MYOB and getting into
big Business Budgeting...on excel! EEE!

OK now i know that's not as exciting as scrappen,
but i am thrilled to be back in the class room and flexing my brain.

I have to admit i have been day dreaming on my lunch breaks
about how i was going to complete my next layouts for this post..

First i wanted to use my lino stamps i had created..
Yep! i carved my own stamps from a sheet of lino and I'm really happy
with my first attempt

I'm now keeping a section in my homework dairy just for doodles and ideas
for my next lot :)

so with these new creations i wanted to apply them to my next layouts
so for my first whirl at Show us Your stuff challenge
this month being "Paper Dolls"


i wanted to do some thing different to the chain and created a Paper doll
circle..which looks a little more like a paper dollies :)

I feel like this is only the first you will see these ...there is just endless possibility
to these paper doilies...

So Big THANK YOU to Show Us Your Stuff for getting me to try something new :)

so here is how i used these Paper dolls on my layout

"Love Holding Hands" 

Using some October Afternoon papers, and some of My own Eye Candy Magic
button, doilies and fimo star pal.

Lockie has always been into holding hand and feeling safe,
this was taken on an outing with Nanny and Grandad.
As you can see in the corner of the photo Lockie is holding his Horse.
this was his first Best friend toy that he took EVERYWHERE! :)

Now i wanted to test drive these other stamps i had created...
so out comes the paint and and some imagination

with this being the month of LOVE i thought i would do a layout focused on
My Partner and Me.

"You Hold My {Heart} Forever"

As you can see i have used some of those delish Charms Creations!
and i have used some more of My own Eye Candy Magic buttons and doilies
Using some of my older stash Fancy Pants papers and a dash of Tearse Collins.
and these awesome chipboard sploshes from Words Or Whatever.

I have to mention that i was inspired by the very talented Chloe with here
layout design from Sweet Anticipation

So now I'm on the prowl for my next creative dream...

Off to work today and tomorrow and a few dashes of Homework sprinkled
in between these shifts but imagining my next layout...

Looking forward too receiving some more goodies from Charms Creations

Also have you seen these Giveaway Happen Now??

And there is a giveaway over at the new

and also don't forget to pop your name down for my Monthly Giveaway!!

with this yummy Giveaway Feb Month

Just follow the links and be in with the chance to win!

well i think it's time to go get organized for work...but first
i think I'll go do a bit of blog hopping to see what all of you have been creating!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and a super Wonderful week!



Thursday, February 9, 2012

Want a Delish Scrapbooking kit???

Huge Hello Everyone!

OMG! so here i am just looking over my FB just before TAFE @ 10am
and i just had to share this AWESOME giveaway!

Yep Another giveaway!!!

really is the month to share the love! YAY! :)

so how would you love towin the very first
A Piece of Cake Designs
Scrapbooking kit?? 

If you havn't already hear the goss,
A piece of cake Design is a new kid on the block
with delish scrapbooking kits!
now if theres one thing us scrapper love is a AWESOME kit!
so i'm totally looking forward to seeing this business florish.

 So what do you need to do to be in to win one of the first released kits??

You can also just click on the picture to take you straight to there lovely blog :)

Well i better get a wriggle on!
got top get to school! EEKK!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lovely Rachel's Generous Giveaways!!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to share with you all about

My Photo

You MUST check out her blog for all things inspiring!
and if you pop over wright now you can pop your name down to go into an

here is a peak at the giveaways....

So go and hop pop over to Rachels blog and check it out!

but best of all gather some inspiration for your creative soul!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Count down!...

Huge Hello Everyone!!

Well it's the count down till my TAFE classes...

so out comes my time management silks...he he...
so I'm all rostered up and ready to take each step :)

Also have so super exciting news!!
I have Just enrolled in an E course


from the amazing Artist that brought us all She Art!

I honestly wanted to do her She Art course, but the time and money wasn't
there and i wasn't really into making paper dolls...even though they look AWESOME!

But this course i really couldn't say no, it's a 3 week Art Journalling workshop!
something i have been wanting to do again since my TAFE Art school days...
Just need the push and the inspiration of two very talented ladies

I'm looking forward to getting a new twist on my scrappen style and
enjoying rubbing shoulders with more Art crazed people :)

Also a bonus was that if i signed up before the 29th Feb the course is only $35.00
instead of $45.00

so how could i say no!
another reason i wanted to get a roster happen for myself is because
i really need to give myself time to do all the creative things i love!
Otherwise i just don't feel as happy, and we all love being Happy! :)

Talking about happy i was totally over the moon this weekend with Charms Creations!
OMG! this Women has single handily drag me out of my no mojo phase!

and blown me away with winning this sale giveaway!
totally AMAZING!!!
can't Thank Charmane enough!

Back to the no mojo thing, i ended up having a go with Charms Creations
have to use hearts, mists/paints and some Charms Creation.

Here is my take on this challenge

You Make Life Sweeter Everyday

some lovely goodies i found in my stash, Birdie pin from Chip chop shop,
 Charms Creation lolliepop and edgers and My own Eye candy magic spotty buttons and fimo button.

After this layout i wanted to still keep getting messy in the pains and mists
so i turned on some more masking and created

Please Just 1 nice Photo

oh i just love a good dose of

Another exciting news i have come across is a new
Scrapbooking Kit shop is coming!

OMG! if there is some i love its Scrap Kits!
so watching this space

Also exciting is they are out on the look out for some Design Team Members!

just click the picture to be taking to there lovely looking blog for more details!

well i think I'm about to get back to my next challenge with Show us your stuff...
Paper Dolls...

and working on some of my own design lino stamps :)

I'll post up some pics and show you what I've been doing :)

Also don't forget to check out my monthly giveaway!



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lets share the love!

Huge Hello Everyone!

well it's finally here the month of love!
even though i would like to think every month is filled with love :)

i have to apologize for going MIA i have been in and out of hospital
the past few weeks with a case of phenomena!
yeah i know, how strange?! in this heat?!

so now after a few sets of meds and a week of rest I'm feeling at least hafe normal
 and ready to get back to study Cert IV Accounting and
back to weekend work at Bunning :)

Fresh with a new time management plan so i can fit in some scrappen and bloggin
as i have realized my life is really not as colourful or inspiring
as it it with all my Scrappen Friends


Also decided to share my blogging love by hosting a giveaway every month!
 yep! every month!

I really wish i had the time to keep making and selling my Eye Candy Magic
its just not fitting in with family, work and study    

So i think i would rather share all these goodies with my follower
this way i can share goodies & keep making new random creations :)

Yeah! totally win win! for everyone!

so the giveaways will work on the usually blogging way

Post about the monthly giveaways on your blog and comment on the post with a link!

easy peasy!

the 1st of the next month i will draw a winner and post a new giveaway :)

so for the first Sam i Am's Eye Candy Magic Giveaway

February Giveaway

as you can see i got carried away with the love
but next every months giveaway will be different :)

I also wanted to share the few layouts i created just before i had gotten sick

Your Grassy Toes

I created this layout with Anna's crafting cupboard  Jan sketch
as you can see i have used some of those delish lollipop from Charms Creations

whom is hosting a Sale on the 3rd of Feb here


As well as this amazingly generous giveaway valued to $40!!!
just look at all those delish  goodies of Charm Creations!


Here is another layout i created with a dash of purple pumpkin buttons :)

Mud Puddles

i was having a thing about scarppen


I've been on the look out for some fabric to recover some chairs we picked up
with a newish dinning table,
so am excited to get myself a staple gun and some retro fabric and have a whirl at 
re covering dinning chairs :)

just don't want to pay too much for fabric as there is 6 chairs!

just have to keep my eyes peeled :)

um...i suppose i should get to helping Justin with the cooking or more
like cleaning up after

oh i should mention that my very talented partner Justin has set up a
face book page with all his drawings and portraits he has been commissioned.
check out his  Art works

here is one of my faves he had done from a photo

how sweet!

and i really love this one too

Well darling i really should make a move!

Loves you all and thank you for dropping by :)