Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sounds Like FUN!

Huge Hello everyone!!

Well sad to say i'm still working on the Mojo...
didn't do hafe the things i suggested my
seems to be the way..i've been more tied up in worry
all about weather i''ll get into this tafe course...
i was a little later for first round offers so second round offers end 7th Januray
some reason our loacl tafe in Busselton is closed till the 10th?!
so i posted to Bunbury after a ring around to find out if that will still be acceptable
so now i'm holding my breath hoping for God almighty to cut me a break a Please oh please
let me get into the Course...i'm a little scared about going straight back into the workforce
not that i'm a slacker or that...i just want to get a better Job than Cleaning..
Now i'm not saying clean is a terrible Job seriously i admire cleaner
the things they got to do and the full on work that has to be done in
limited time..WOW! that is super cleaning when you
have to clean a room/chalat in 20mins Amazing women i worked with
at Mandalay Busselton 5 star caravan carpark
i swear i thought i knew how to clean untill i was shown how to really CLEAN!
i still reamember my first week dripping sweat and trying so hard to keep up!
was even more fun when i got my older Sister some part time work
with me and how she was cleaning..i realized how much i emproved and
what a cleaning machine they had made out of me!
this is before kids of course....i remember cleaning from 8am till 3pm
sometime getting the early shift in the summer @ 5am till 7am and going home form breaky
and coming back for the second day shift
then cleaning my own house when i got home and then cleaning my sister !!
LOL! oh man i think i had a cleaning bug!
So i really have nothing against cleaning or cleaners
i just want to up my stakes a bit and build my confidence
so with that eating away at me weather i'm student or Job seeker in three weeks!
i think thats why i've been retreating into my books and
aarrhh the typical Picese!

I've also started writing a diary....they last diary i had was when Ash was born
i really wish i had kept one through the begin of motherhood..but i think was
more concerned with just
so just another way to get out what i'm thinking and help...well thats the idea

Now onto more important things like my first Layouts for 2011!!
WOOHOO! i was just so happy to get anything done while my brain has been taken over..

so one just for just for fun with Fancy pants Rough and tough range

Then only yesterday did i break out the brights an attcked the Kaisercraft mix it up challenge
the list of things were
- Black rub ons
- card stock
- Post it note / sticky note
- something white
well you would think the sticky note would be the hardest but i had that storted from the start
you see i had keep a few "sign here" sticky note from our rental forms
and i just added a couple of kaisercraft mini alphas to change it from "sign here"
to "Fun here" 
then i used Green mod sqaud Cor ordiates cardstock
Kaisercraft little man Rub ons
And for some thing white i have white poka dots in the Fun fair pattern paper
I did use a mix of kaiser craft papers of Fun fair and Babushka (my favs cause of the bright colours)

oh i also used the Tuesday tip for prining on the tags for the journaling from the

Kaisercraft Blog

So this week wasn't completly no

now to find out if another coffee can help me clean out my stash?????

That Sound like FUN!!!


Happy scrappen lovely :D