Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Much going on!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well what an awesome week!
tot start we had Justins Sister and Bubba staying with us for four days and What
a fantastic time we had!
i swear bubba Frankie is just the sweetest little bub!
Ash and Lockie totally loved having thier Cousin and Aunty Sara here!
hard trying to stop stop them following her around all the

Now with that being most of my time spent with family i had really no time to scrap,
But i was totally stoked to see and hear that Scrap Therapy has a new Forum!

Now you all know how much i heart Scrap Therapy!
so you all got to gop and have alooksy at the New Forum and see the
challenge that are up and the juciy prizes too!

also very very proud to finally announce i am the 
Guest Deisgner at Scrap Threapy this month :)
WooHoo! totally stoked and can't wait to show you all what i have 
created with my DT pack :)

Aslo on top of tha awesome news!
i'd like to tell you all i have started Making my own handmade Eye candy for sale

Slight change in plans, i thought i better keep it all on one blog,
as if i knoe myself too well i will get all muddled!
and all of you know to find me here anyway! :)

So excited! I'm going to post up on the 1st of every month a HUGE Juciy post filled with all
my handmade goodies for sale! and i'll also start a monthly sketch challenge so you
can have the chance to win a Eye candy bag of my handmade goodies!  

So mark it on your calander! and watch for sneaky peaks of what i'm makin :)

1st May 2011 is my first Handmade Eye candy Sale and Blog sketch challenge!
So with all this going on you can understand why i need a
that and i think i'm coming down with a cold thanks to thekids and school!
god!what is it with school and sicknesses!
i need a well i'd like to think that would

well Lovely ladies i'm going to keep it short and sweet :)
be sure to check out the new Scrap therapy forum :)
Thanks chickie babes!
also for all your lovely comments you make me smile :)
happy scrappen!