Monday, August 9, 2010

Not As Easy as it looks!

Morning Every one :D

Today i thought i would try learning to Crochet! Well Here i go on too You Tube....Wonderful Ladies all very happy to show you all different Patterns, Well i had to strat with Lesson 0...This is Wool...PMSL! Any way I was totally thrilled to make a few links and then to have a chain!! Unreal! this is Easy i thought...very pround of my very first Untill i moved onto lesson 2 - starting a granny square....well! Let me tell you! this was the part that sent me into a whirl wind of Naughty words!! lol as i i'm following what the ladies were saying and trying to keep well as hold the wool and tool properly I ended up stopping for a min to see what it should look like...PMSL!! Well here she held a love square and mine looked like a knot of I should say a knot of links!! lol so next time you see someone knitting or  doing a bit of crochet......Tell them how Amazing they are!! Truely not a craft for the faint I'll try again later....I'll make some Granny Squares YET! lol!

Happy scrappen Lovelies! :D