Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunshine and colours!

Huge Hello Everyone!!


Is it just me or is there something wrong with my clock??
Time seems to be slipping through my fingers?

It has taken me a little longer to get the chance to blog, oh boy how i missed you all!! {{{HUG}}}
What a fun filled week, yet again fun overload with Back to back Business law assignments,
did you know 
Persons of unsound mind or intoxicated persons are bound by the contracts they form!!

Unless two conditions can be proven; what are these conditions?
·         That the impaired person did not understand what they were doing because of the condition they were in.
·         That the person with whom the impaired person was contracting knew of the impaired person’s condition.

LOL! just a little snippet of the assignments I'm doing, absolutely brain food Plus!!....lol 

I honestly have no idea how i would incorporate that into a layout ...lol but anywhoo...

I have had a little play with colours this week and BOY! was it wonderful!
i really LOVE this kit from A Piece of Cake designs the colours are something i would normally not choose but i love how the green and pink and the touch blue and grey go so so well together,
i honestly want only to dig out all my sweetheart photos and make a frame or something with these colours :)

I had manager to squeeze in a layout, where you will find at A Piece of Cake Designs Blog :)



 and i also have one more layout and a card to show!! coming up in the next couple of days :)
********************Sneak Peek!**********************

Oh have i mentioned i was lucky enough to get a SMASH* Journal for Mothers day :}

I was super excited to start a little on my SMASH* journal :)

YAY! for SMASH*!!! so so LOVE this new range!! and SO SO LOVE how easy peasy it is to just smash and squish all my  lovely scraps into  :)

Here is a peek at what a smashed the past couple of days  :)

This page is not finished yet, just got to pop in my dreams and goals :)

Now with a little splash of colour on my post it seems like i just want to play a little more with my papers :)
I have a new little goal I'm working on, three days in but I'm in for the long run...hehe
I'm taking up running...
Now if you have ever met me i just don't run...well not anymore :)
I have always been over weight and i have been feeling a little more Yuk than usual
and i believe exercise is missing in my life...
so to battle the bulge and the feeling that I'm just not fit, i have taken up running 
Now i understand i have to start somewhere so
first thing in the morning, hop out of bed and run!
15-20minitue...bit of shock as i mention i don't run nor exercise
but no doubt afterwards i feel more awake...lol

So here is the start of a new chapter in my life, i believe if i can set and achieve goals
as i have done in the past year, this is another goal i will succeed in!

Another good reason to start running is so i can chase my boys around the house!! :)

well i hate to say goodbye so I'll say See you soon!!!

Hope you all have a SUPER HAPPY week darlings!!