Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspirations a Piece of Cake!

Huge Hello Everyone!!

WOW Wee! what a full on week!

Warning I'm going to be rather honest in this post so pop your protective gear on...

Well this week has been on of those..."Come have to be kidding me!!" weeks
between work and study i think my head is going to explode!
I think it has to be due to my time of the month *sigh*
i hate admitting it but I'm a bit on edge and ready to full into a puddle of tears
Even thought i know I'm fine, it's just for a few days of the month my armour
is at the cleaners and my heart is on my
So creating this week has been a little funny,
Usually this is my fix it moment...playing with paint and getting my dose of
creative happy time i feel better and ready to face the world...
But some how the paints were misbehaving and i spilt a bottle
of glimmer mist chalk on my layout...

Sadly not a very happy accident
I even sat in a corner and sulked for a little

************Deep breathe**********

Honestly i just wanted to curl up in bed and read a
OK! Enough of all that...

I want to share with you all the real me and the happy feelings that
today is a whole new day and the sun is shining

Have you seen my first creation for A Piece of Cake Designs??

Well if not here it is!

I sort of lept in to the pink....sort of like when you run and jump into cold

First Release - March Kit-

Just got to love this kit!!

I have so far scrapped 5 layouts and still have enough scraps to create a few cards :)
hows that for monies worth!?

Here is a sneak peep of what i have been creating this week

still have another sneak but I'll save it till next time :)

If you want to see these layout keep your eyes peeled on A Piece of Cake Designs Blog
If you head over there now you will see the stunning Recipe Design With Tam!

Really Lovely layout! seriously go have a looksy!

Also wanted to remind you all that i have my March Giveaway up!!

Speaking about giveaways

Have you heard?? Lime Tree Creations is having a Awesome March giveaway!!


Want to know more?? Click HERE

I had so exciting news in my mail box yesterday, lifting my mood and
bringing a whole bunch of fun!

I had confirmation that the Workshop
"The Art of Wild Abandonment"

the first lesson was sketching radishes?!
Well I'm all out of radishes!
so i picked some cherry tomatoes of our little bush

and found the love of sketching coming back to life

I'm not a fantastic sketcher but i find just drawing {even if child like} is just fun :)

here are my first little sketches

and i tried my first water colours....think we may have to practice a little :)

Ah well it's that time again, i must fly, thank you for sharing in a little bit of my crazy
week and thank you for being patient with my little whinge
I'm feeling more able to face the world...
well at least TAFE and work :)

Time for a cuppa and a good old read :)

Look forward to more creative surprise next week :)
Hope you all have a Fantastic weekend and a super loven week!


p.s thank you to all the google images helped me express my moods :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspiration with a side of Cake

Huge Hello Everyone!!

Well besides having loads of Fun with School work i have been
diving head first into A piece of Cake Designs March kit

First Release - March Kit-

so so darn Yummy!

I've also been busy making a Technique Video to share with you all,
 An easy how to create your own Handmade decorative Masking tape

If you would like to see ...just pop over to

also would you like to see a sneak peek at what i have created??

Looks interesting??

Well i have to admit i have had real fun splashing the pink around :)

I also had to admit to myself that birthdays can be a lot of fun...

Yep that's right i had a Birthday, my 28th birthday...

i really thought this day would never come, so i thought to celebrate this milestone i would do something i have been wanting to do for a very long time....

Go fire twirling down by the beach :)

and JOY!! it was also a full Moon!

How magical!

here is a few photos and video of me :)

Just before twirling down the beach....

or follow this link

Some photos of me putting on a show for the boys :)

Always end with "Now Boys...DONOT play with Fire!!"
and fall into the long speal about how much you have to practice
and that Fire is Dangerous....

Then after a delish BBQ and Salad's (Thank you Justin! your a honey!!)
I was surprised with a Yumo Birthday cake!
Decorated by Justin and my little Locklan :)

How Yummy!

Not the most flattering shot but you get the idea :)

So all in all i had a very lovely birthday, i also wanted to say a HUGE thank you
to everyone of you lovely bloggin/FB scrappen creative friends that
stopped and wished me a Happy birthday, everyone of your message
made me smile and think, gosh I'm one lucky love to have so many friends
so ((((( HUGE CYBER HUGS!!!)))))))) to you all!!

Now I'm off to fall into was full on!
I need some sleep to dream up my next paint/paper adventure :)

Look forward to seeing what all of you have been creating!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's HERE!!!

Huge Hello Everyone!!

well I'm completely excited!!
  Toady looked like a boring..lets clean the house for rent inspection day.. YUK!

So i thought washing walls was going to be my highlight...well
that and finding out a new formula for

But then came that lovely sound...
the postman pulling into my driveway!!

It's HERE!!

My First Design Team Kit!!

How Sweet is this Logo?!

Even the pizza box is letting me know it's time to Enjoy :) 

Yum YUM YUM!!! all these Delish Colours to play with!!!

Need a closure look of the March Kit from a Piece of Cake Designs??

Pop over to 

Want to see what you can do with this yumo kit?!

Come and see over at A Piece of Cake Designs Blog

Tam will be showing you this months Recipe for March Kit

and I'll be on the blog on Friday to show you a technique video
and a few sneak peeps of my first layout with this
Delish March Kit!!

See you there!!!

Oh What a fantastic surprise don't you just LOVE Happy Mail?!



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inspirations & Count Down....Giveaway?!

Huge Hello Everyone!!

Well i hope your week has been as Fantastic!

I have been flying by the seat of my pants with TAFE,

Man this Cert IV Accounting is definitely not for the faint hearted,
 i found i was doing more homework than TAFE classes this week?!

I'm happy to say i have gotten last week assignments out of the way and now
looking at three fresh I know I'm a sucker for

On the bright side i have made it a major priority to balance
my logic with my Art...
and it's working wonders, stress relief through paint and colour :)

I have been finding loads of inspiration with these work shops
and I'm super excited to use some more artsy techniques in my scrapbooking.

I'm also getting into the Art Journaling and the colour Journal

Here are three pages i created this week

And this is my first colour scheme in my Colour Journal :)

Finally found some time to create some fimo buttons i have been dancing around my head :)

I was able to squeeze in one layout this week....
based on the yummy Feb sketch from Handmade by Suzanne


Using some of those Delish Eye Candy Fimo buttons and Rainbow Splendour Pinwheels,
oh how i LOVE Chole's creations!!
Did you know Chloe's created a New Blog for her Rainbow Splendour?!

Follow the link to see here

To celebrate her new blog Chloe is having a Giveaway!!
 to so pop over to the new blog to see how to be in too win!

Now i Also wanted to share with all of you a sneak peek of the first layout

A Piece of Cake Designs

We have little less than two sleeps till the First kit is revealed!!

I know how EXCITING!!

Here is a Sneak from Tam creation....

Want to see a little more....

pop over HERE to see...

The March kit will be revealed on the 5th of March!
so stay tuned!!

A Piece of Cake Designs

So Excited to share with you all the creations i have been up too
 with this March Kit!

P.s. have you seen me HERE?!
How cool! :) 

Totally Blown away to see i was published in Scrapbooking Memories Vol14 No5
Our Park Adventures! 
Locklan was thrilled to see himself in a magazine :)

One last thing i wanted to share with all of you this week...

Our Winner of My February Giveaway...
All packed already to send...

our list of Lovely ladies whom left a comment and link for the Feb Giveaway  

 This month i thought i would let locklan pick the lucky winner

And the Winner is....

please email  with your postal address
so i can pop your happy mail in the red box :)

Now who is up for My March Giveaway???

This Month giveaway is.....

Some more bits and bobs of  Eye Candy Magic :)
Just pop a comment on this post and a link to share the giveaway with your friend :)
Got to keep sharing the love :)
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with loads of love & laughter!