Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dust starting to settle

Good Afternoon Beauties!

the Dust is starting to settle, the scrap your pants off comp is in its last weeks and WOW what an AWESOME job Jodie the owner of ARTY PANTS and the design team have done, so much FUN! the challenges are all AMAZING and they even hosted a cyber crop as well! OMG! so much scrappen to be done and so little At ALLCRAFT the are have a 2nd Birthday Celebration, all postage is $2 and a whole lot of goodies are on sale so pick your self up a bargain before chrissy...i know i had a sneak peek....oh the temptation...looking over our new budget we really can't afford it, i have now put in $20 a fortnight for my stash cash so it looks like i'm saven my bickies for later....*sniff sniff* i so love shopping when sales are on...oh well just paying for my huge scrappen space,lol

My new found scrap space, well this is one side of the room.There is a terribly
shot of my computer desk, as you can see i still have a little unpacking still to

This is Justin slice of this is the room i step in too after the my scrap area...mind you this is the front part of the could easly live just in these first few rooms if you didn't have here are a few layouts i've banged out thats to the Arty pants Design Team Cheers Ladies your all FANTASTIC! So now i'm off to check out what all you have been up too! oh the joy of looking at all your beautiful rays of inspiration...aaaaarrrrhhhh nothing beats it! Happy scrappen lovelies!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Ok, uppacked my stuff, just cleaning up our old house, MUST check out ARTYPANTS CYBER CROP!!
Going to be HEAPS of FUN there is a buch of FANTASTIC ladies to crop with so do your self a favour and head on over to check it out and join in on the FUN....oh so hope my internet on by friday *cross finger* go to fly at my parents so kids are all over the Happy scrappen lovlies : D


Friday, November 6, 2009

Day before the BIG move!

ok i'm now counting down to the hour we go to sign the lease @ 10am for our new house....eeee!!! so exciting i must admit i'm looking forward to going off line for a couple of makes me realize i've got a little problem with a certain that and i'm sssssooo missing my scrappen it hurts! My sweethearts also looking forward to the BIG MOVE but the kids i don't think realize whats going anyway just a super quick on today, a few pics of my scrap space being invaded by the alien boxes! lol

Oh another awesome thing i get to clean the empty house with my sister all by ourselves!! ok it doesn't sound much like a date but any time away from the kids with my sister is did i mention this will be the first time me and Justin are away from the kids together in like ever!

Have a wicked day lovelies! happy scrappen : D