Saturday, November 20, 2010

BoBunny Everywhere!!

Huge hello Everyone : D
Hope your all enjoying a fun filled weekend  : D
Now i'm feeling the heat as it is warming up in Busselton the past two days have been a real Summer slap
in the face! i for got how much i hate the heat!! lol i really can't concentrate
and just to bothered and find all i want to do is lay down on the bathroom so my scrappen has been put aside and i'm feeling a little empty.....werid?!
Anyway i pushed myself the other day when Ash was at Kindy to complete they Bobunny Challenges

So you know me i can't go past a great sketch chalklenge, i just love this Sketch that Bobunny 
had up for the Friday sketch challenge : D
                                                                 How totally Joy is this sketch!!!
 How can't you give it a go?!
so i dived into my Bobunny papers and came up with
the Might Muffin Boy layout using Bobunny collection Calypso Dream

I tried a new techiniqe for myself, the pleaded boarder around the circle...i was suprised how easy it was
and i really love the effect, i'm thinking i my do it with a braket or something....hhmmm

Anyway the next Bobunny challenge was little more difficult cause the papers i wanted to use i had
bugger all! I wanted to use the Bobunny Peacock Lane collections cause my fav colours are green and purple! so the challenge was to so a layout about my style to this challenge is how i love the Bush, i have never scrapped about how i miss this part of my life, now that i live beside the sea and very rarly get to go bush...only when treasure hunting with the kids, so i wanted to capture how i feel when i'm in the bush...the magic, the way i find peace and my myself in the sweet nature.....aaarrrhhh
so with a lot of "Wish i had more of this paper!" i came up with this layout
"A Small peace of Me belongs Here"

 So now i'm back home after a lovely day at my parents and the beach early this moring, i think i can steal away and get into a few challenges set by Scrap threapy!
Cause they are holding their last Cyber CRop for the Year so pop over if  you need the inspiration like
Even though i need more which they give you too! the Due date for the challenges are the
26th of Nov so thats a cool week! sweet! i've got to get at least a couple done*cross my finger*
Well enough nattering i must go find the paper to suit my photos : D
Happy Scrappen chickies : D