Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st EVER Blog Candy!!

Hello Everyone!!
Now since i've been such a super lucky duck! I want to spread my luck around! So i have a Scrappen Kit up for Grabs! Now since my Parents gave me my Christams pressie early this year (OMG so lucky! thank you Mum and Dad XX) so the theme of my kit is Christmas! All products are American Craft - Merry Mint! so what do you have to do to be able to win this kit??...well join my creative following Friends! post a link on your blog and add a comment to this post telling me your most Best Ever Christmas Gift! thats it! 

there is 6 12"x12" double sided papers, 2 packs of brads, 1 pack of rub ons and a large pack of Stamps!!

I'll be choosing the winner on the 31th September 2010, so spread the word, share the love : D

Happy scrappen chickies : D 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am one lucky Duck!!!

Hello everyone!
For the last two days i've been in a complete daze of pure utter shock and joy!! My parents had splashed out for Justin and I and bought use this incredible computer!!! thats right! Double OMG!!! Yes i'm the luckiest girl to have my parents!! (i thought that even before i was give the I think this is the most awesome computer in the world!! Serouisly i couldn't even bring myself to touch it as i was afraid i was just haven a dream! lol! It's very true that i love my comptuer - since all my Friends live in it! lol Now i'll be trying to get ever little thing off my laptop and into backup and onto my New i haven't thought of a name for her yet but it's going to be something sweet! lol SO HUGE THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my wonderful parents!! you totally ROCK!! and you wont see or hear from me  for a few weeks as i'm just to busy with my plus could you drop by to pick up the kids for a few!! Seriously I'm on cloud nine!! so here is a fe photos of my Beast!
SO Lucky!! THank you MUM and DAD!!! XXXXXXOOOOOOOO

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New You Tube Vid - RAK up for grabs!!

Huge Hello to Everybody!!
I have finally made my next  Tech vid for adding texture to your layout, So go grab a cuppa or maybe grab one while it's up   
The vid is on Using Found objects and paint to add texture and interest to your layouts/cards, If your up for a challenge be the first to upload your own example of this technique into Deb's Creation gallery and i'll send you a RAK to say thanks for watching and giving it a go :D For closer looks at my layouts go to Deb's creations But for now you'll just have to enjoy the sneak Oh i'm a cheecky!!

 So go check the vids : D
Part 1
 Happy scrappen : D 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Theres some Serious Scrappen to be done

Morning ladies :D

hope your moring is starting off well and your ready for some real fun! Todays the day i need to take the boys  to swimming lesson, inqure about a letter thats got awol! and get some serious scrappen done! I'm mean finsh two card, start my Mum's Birthday card, get the 4 example layouts for my Utube vid done, and start the YUMO Echo park DT pack !!! On Man i should be stressing but i've just got a grin on my! I love that i HAVE too scrap! lol!! So If your not got the time at least you can plan! got 5mins?? scribble done a few layout/card plans or jump on the computer and edit a couple photos, or even pick out a couple of papers of embellishes, so when the kids are happy playing or fallin alsleep your ready to GO! :D

Or maybe your like me and need to find your scrap table under all the
 Oh well where there is a mess their must be some serious scrappen to be done!! PMSL!
Stay tuned on Friday i'll be linking you up too my Tech vid - How to add Texture to your layout with paint, and all pop up a RAK for grabs :D

Happy scrappen Chicky babes

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
Dr. Seuss

Monday, August 9, 2010

Not As Easy as it looks!

Morning Every one :D

Today i thought i would try learning to Crochet! Well Here i go on too You Tube....Wonderful Ladies all very happy to show you all different Patterns, Well i had to strat with Lesson 0...This is Wool...PMSL! Any way I was totally thrilled to make a few links and then to have a chain!! Unreal! this is Easy i thought...very pround of my very first Untill i moved onto lesson 2 - starting a granny square....well! Let me tell you! this was the part that sent me into a whirl wind of Naughty words!! lol as i i'm following what the ladies were saying and trying to keep well as hold the wool and tool properly I ended up stopping for a min to see what it should look like...PMSL!! Well here she held a love square and mine looked like a knot of I should say a knot of links!! lol so next time you see someone knitting or  doing a bit of crochet......Tell them how Amazing they are!! Truely not a craft for the faint I'll try again later....I'll make some Granny Squares YET! lol!

Happy scrappen Lovelies! :D 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My July Creations

Hello  Everyone!
so here is the tally for my July Creation, sadly no OTP or digital for July ...i know i know naughty Still i made a couple of cards thanks to Deb's Creations and the truely inspiring cards that all the ladies are bringing to life! Seriously! i'm now becoming a stamp addict as well! lol i have bought at least Nine charater stamp in less than a month! lol well with the prices and cute images how can you refuse!! Seriously pop into Debs and take a look! Free postage when just ordering stamps! AWESOME!

So on too the Creations! 12 layouts and 5 cards!! With My Masking tutorial on YouTube i had a blitz with  First of the bat is Pretend Fishing using Cosmic Cricket Garden Variety, Adorit and AC alphas and i missed one photo while setting out the page so i included it with a hidden journalling

   Next is Not as Easy as it looks Using a mix of pattern papers from Basic grey, Jenni Bowlin, Senic Route and Making memoeries, this was a fun layout to do with the random Bo Bunny Stamping and a dash of Grunge board.
OH this is one of my Favs! Those Faces I was just discovering the Tim Hotlz Blending ink techinque with his Distress ink - Walnut stain, also i used my very first sketch Challenge that i created on Photoshop! so really love this layout with all the layers and the mix of different papers...Cosmic cricket, basic Grey, Making memoeries and uuummm...i forget the others...PMSL still this is just lovely with the stamps in the layers and the stitching! Did i even mention that i finally found the instruction for my sewing machine...well more honestly my Dad found them THANK YOU XXOO!!! My Dad the Greatest!

Next is Quick Click! This was a little rushed, just wanted to get the layout done and these photos scrapped to print out my next photo Using the Cosmic cricket  Boyfriend range...These photos were of all of my Boys when we stayed a night at the Abby Beach Resort, we were lucky enough to win a free night with $150 food and drinks! Thanks to Good Guys In Bussleton!! Thank you Thank YOU!! so very exciting for the boys! First ever hotel and First room servise and Spa!!! lol Worse night sleep ever though for Mum and still very thankful though :D Still got a double layout too do with the other hundered photo i took on the day/

Next is My Speacil Delight   I just had to record my totally girly indugence that happen though out May and June....Yes thats right i am a twilight But i seriouly couldn't choose Jacob or Edward...i'd have both! well that is until Breaking Dawn....PMSL! I also have a weakness for Brothers and Just can't beat a great Series....Like Deadwood or Supernatural or Ghost whisper...or House! lol Anyway this was a qucik layout, still not happy with how it turned out but still a learning curb :D

Oh Now this is my very first Card with Kraftin Kimmies Pirate colletion for just $8.00 i picked this up at Deb's Creation Free postage for just stamps! That was it i'm hooked on these really cool! images and i have falling in love with colouring all over again! : D Here is where you can find this Buckener

This was a Colour challenge set by the inspiring Design Team @ Scrap Thearpy! i was really pushing my boundiers here! But love what i have come out with :D Check out the latest challenges Here
Or Theres a Few Latest Challenges At Debs Creation By the very talented Anne Patterson and Kaye Churchill
Here are two more challenges i did for Scrap therapy, one a techique challenge and the other a sketch challenge, Both were both fun to do and really helped my get creative
Here are my Masking examples for Deb's Creations, I have started up with doing You tube vids all simple 5-10min techinques stayed tune as next week i'll be posting up how to add texture to your layouts with paint...if your the first to upload one of my painting techniques by the end of August i'll send you a RAK to say thanks for watching and Join in at Deb's creations : D Here is where you can find My Channel and the vids for masking...

These two lovely ladies are Lilth and Little Red Riding Hood for Kraftin Kimmie collections you can find both these yummy stamps at Deb's Creation
Red Riding Hood - Fairy Tale collection 
and little Lilith
Totally yummy! and Free Postage when only buying stamps!! :D
 got to love Deb's Creations!
Here are my last two creation for July ....Unreal How Huge this blog post Still these are both my favs as well! Simple Magic  is a photoshop creation as this is a photo of Ash only a few hours after he was born so the hospital stuff in the back ground was way too distracting so out comes the blur/smude i also put a blue filter over the photo to suit the papers, just love the moment....
Next and very last is These Boys  Using the YUMO Bo Bunny Block Party Papers, just perfect for boy layouts and suits these photos amazingly! cheecky monkeys at least they are holding

Well this is Julys Creation in a nut shell, if your wondering more about some product i've used or what i did to get an effect just leave me a comment...and i'll be happy to help...If you have anything at all to comment on i'll be over the moon to hear :D Thanks for popping in ..pop back next week as i will be haven a Challenge up for August and be posting my link for the next You Tube Vid  with another RAK up for grabs : D

Happy Scrappen :D
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
Dr. Seuss"   

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the 3rd August 1967

My parents Got married! Yes thats like 43years!! OMG!! What a couple!!! so i got on Photoshop and scrapped one of the many happy snaps of the day, Using Kaisercraft Digital mega kit Lorie Valley found here  
Congrats to my Lovely parents You both are my inspiration and strenght....Love you both very very much!!!! XXXXXXOOOOO