Monday, November 22, 2010

Lets get Picky!

Huge hello everyone : D
Oh what a strange weekend!!
i really have been battling the scrappers block and
My mood is swinging so i think it thats time again to focus on the kids and
get loads of natures mediecin
So i di manage to get this sketch done from Get picky Blog challenge
I'm not as happy as i would like to be with this layout,
I think my scrappers block really shows in my
Oh well give it a couple of days and i'll be in the swing of things again..
So Get Pickys sketch this month 

So you can see how you just have to give this sketch a go! its fantastic! i think i may just scrap it again, when i'm feeling better : D
So go on give the sketch a go!! : D

now off to see if i can find my mojo....or just drown myself in cuddles! lol
Happy scrappen lovelies : D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

BoBunny Everywhere!!

Huge hello Everyone : D
Hope your all enjoying a fun filled weekend  : D
Now i'm feeling the heat as it is warming up in Busselton the past two days have been a real Summer slap
in the face! i for got how much i hate the heat!! lol i really can't concentrate
and just to bothered and find all i want to do is lay down on the bathroom so my scrappen has been put aside and i'm feeling a little empty.....werid?!
Anyway i pushed myself the other day when Ash was at Kindy to complete they Bobunny Challenges

So you know me i can't go past a great sketch chalklenge, i just love this Sketch that Bobunny 
had up for the Friday sketch challenge : D
                                                                 How totally Joy is this sketch!!!
 How can't you give it a go?!
so i dived into my Bobunny papers and came up with
the Might Muffin Boy layout using Bobunny collection Calypso Dream

I tried a new techiniqe for myself, the pleaded boarder around the circle...i was suprised how easy it was
and i really love the effect, i'm thinking i my do it with a braket or something....hhmmm

Anyway the next Bobunny challenge was little more difficult cause the papers i wanted to use i had
bugger all! I wanted to use the Bobunny Peacock Lane collections cause my fav colours are green and purple! so the challenge was to so a layout about my style to this challenge is how i love the Bush, i have never scrapped about how i miss this part of my life, now that i live beside the sea and very rarly get to go bush...only when treasure hunting with the kids, so i wanted to capture how i feel when i'm in the bush...the magic, the way i find peace and my myself in the sweet nature.....aaarrrhhh
so with a lot of "Wish i had more of this paper!" i came up with this layout
"A Small peace of Me belongs Here"

 So now i'm back home after a lovely day at my parents and the beach early this moring, i think i can steal away and get into a few challenges set by Scrap threapy!
Cause they are holding their last Cyber CRop for the Year so pop over if  you need the inspiration like
Even though i need more which they give you too! the Due date for the challenges are the
26th of Nov so thats a cool week! sweet! i've got to get at least a couple done*cross my finger*
Well enough nattering i must go find the paper to suit my photos : D
Happy Scrappen chickies : D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a little creative

Hello everyone!!
SO we have re- claimed my scrap space and Justin, sadly went to work today with a face like a smacked bottom : ( poor darling, i really understand the "i don't want to!" but he is an absolute hun for letting me
be a SAHM for the very short and perious years we have with our kids.
So feeling a little down with justing here i swung into the kitchen and started Baking!
so after a couple of hours i came out with a batch of Peanut choc chip cookies
and a load of Vegi Sausage rolls!

Then finishing off my coffee i sat down to do this Card with Basic Grey Challenge blog in mind with the theme being "wings"

I instantly thought of Deb's Creations Newest Stamp line that is only avalible at Debs!
the Emerald Fairies 

so i used the cute little stamp Boo and sookie!
along with Basic Grey Marrakech 6x6 pad (oh how i love 6x6 pads!)

So this i hope is a start to a very productive day!
*cross my fingers*
next i've got to get Ash speech path game ready so we can work on describing things and guessing
sort of like a guess who but with toys!
then no doubt with the sun shining i think down the park for some fresh air and inspiration!
...i think i better get ready!!
Happy scrappen lovelies!
Hope your day is filled with creativity!
even if it's just creating a mess with the kids : D

Oh before i forget on a side note, Scrap therapy is holding their last Cyber crop for the Year this 
weekend, come pop over and see the gals and get your creative juice stirred!! i'll
be there popping in and out and no doubt you'll understand why! : D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OMG! what a day!

Huge hello everyone!!
Well i can't say today has been a dream
the last two days Justin has been home and i'm feeling really flat!
After yesterday little Cleaning work at my parents with Lockie (Ash was a kindy)
i felt so drained when i got home all i wanted to do was sit have my late lunch and a coffee
and plan what was for dinner and try hard to think which photos to use for my next layout.
Well Justin had other well not that it was a
Now don't get me wrong i love my partner too utter bitz! he is my Sun and i'm his moon...but talk about bad timing! Justin decided it was time to clean up the back shed and then the storeroom that is right next too
my scrap you can imagine where all the boxes and stuff when ...thats right...on and under and around my space!!! so i spent the rest of today trying to claim
 back my space! ...all i wanted to do today was just one layout!! now i'm so buggered i just want to have a coffee and think about dinner...sounds like a little bit like a circle?!

Well putting all that aside and a huge Kisses to my Man! cause with out him pushing me into a corner 
about changing things around thay would never get done, i love you justin! but seiously you and i need a serious cuddle tonight!!

So i was thrilled to bitz when i got an email back from my friend chickie baby Mazz
(dear love was listen to me natter again, what a sweetheart!) 
   She mentioned a Congrats about winning STB?!
i was like STB??? what the hell is
not untill my flipped into blog mode i realized! 
Oh i'm so thrilled!! i can't tell you how much i look up to all the scrapper
on Scrap the Boys!! they are all so incredible and talented!!!
so to see i won!! OMG!! that is reall the silver lining to the past two
that and Justin cleaned up the shed and storeage
So with that cheery note i've got to say Give it a go!
any comp and sketch! JUST GIVE IT A GO!
Cause you just might win and if not you'll met new friend, learn new techniques and 
come out with a lovely creation!!

SO a Huge Thanks to Scrap the Boys 

and Scrapbooking from Scratch! for my lovely prize!
so joy! $25 voucher! WOOHOO! that is just gold to me! with chrissy around the corner
i'm sure you all agree money is just not around to spend on yourself.
So i'm just over the moon!

A a big MWAH! to Mazz for letting me know as well as listening to me your one in a million!

HAppy scrappen lovlies...i'll be back into the swing on things tomorrow..
*cross my fingers*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Scrappen!

Huge Hello everyone : D
I i just LOVE Me a Great Sunday Scrap!!
something about sundays that are just perfect for a really good scrappy mess to be created!!
I think after a full on Saturday with their Grandparents the Boys are just happy to run amuk at home and i'm
Happy for them to do that too! do love hearing them play togther while i'm getting creative and 
they make sure i get a break and a good play too : D 
So i am stoked to say i got three layouts done!! Unreall i know! but with great sketches and a butt
load of coffee..never say never!

so first to day i got this Sketch challenge done from My Minds Eye!
with the theme lessons learned

Now i have to admit i really don't have much My Mind's Eye Paper!? only since i've
started doing the challenge i have realized!! 
so i'm thrilled with what i came up with cause i only had scraps of this Grow and bloom collections
from My Mind's Eye

 Oh Bubba Lockie!He is so cute and i'm sure he has learned it!
first time i have ever used little paper rolls...thinking i'll do it on a larger sections next time : D
Also in the next couple of layouts you'll see i'm haven a little thing with creating my own scolloped 

Next up i just had to try my hand at this sketch challeng from A2ZScraplets 

I just love their chipboard creations!!
so i thought about time to break one out on a layout!!

I did add a bit extra to the sketch to balance out my photo
"Just Breath Deep"
 lol! i do that often ..trying to i used the lush Fancy pants and i just love stamping on chippie!

Thants to A2Zscraplets!! for the inspirations! 

Last of the cuff is last Saturdays Sketch from Kaisercraft!
yes like most Aussies i can't help but get into Kaiser! lol
so with my newly purchased Homemade paper....well more like suprise from my dear mum papers
(i love my mum! she knows me so well! MWAH!)
i attacked this sketch with some photos of my Dear daddy darling : D

So i think is safe to say i'm a sketch addict! lol!
as well as i love sunday scrappen!!
I also have some awesome new My Dad and I have started up a Blog together
Called Adventures for Young and Old, it is a blog all about the place we go on Saturdays
as a family My Dad, my Mum, Myself and My Boys!
After  we went to a winery last weekend we thought it would be great to start reveiwing these place from a Family point of veiw, each week end we will go to eirther a winery, beach, park, fun attraction
and reveiw it! about the playground, food, wine and if it really is any point going!
so now our fun weekends have now grown into another fun Hobby!!
I'm thinking this is just so awesome to share our Adventure with everyone and if we do help other familes
have a great time and on alow budget, that would be even more AWESOME!
so pop over and see what we have been up too with loads of photos and funny rambling of
bare in mind the blog is at the beginning stages so give it a couple of weeks itwill look a bit more Hoping to get a profile of each the family members 
So that is my weekend in a nut shell :D

If you love one of these sketches you should give it a go and get in to the draw to win some delish
prizes, or maybe you're like me and want to try them all!

Hope you had a stunning weekend filled with loads of cuddle and laughs : D

Happy Scrappen Chickies : D  

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fancy a swap???

Hello Everyone : D

Well this month i have signed up to Amandas Swap Blog
also creating my own colour swap at Deb's creation too!
i'm really getting into the swapping! love the creating and swapping...
having a wonderful suprise in the mail is always a fantastic thing :D
So if you Love to swap Scrappy handmade creation sign up!!
I signed up for Flowers, embellishments with the theme Summer
and stamped images....Next month i'll also sign up for the Tags and ATC's
(Artist Trading Cards) i thought i would'nt have enough time but what do you know i'm itchen
for more!! lol
so here is what i made for my flowers and Summer embellishments

I'm so proud of my flowers! lol i don't make many as with two boys i very rarly use them,
But making them is so fun!!

Now what did i get done today??
only one been a full on day but still one layout is very cool!
anyone can be stoked with it, i sure
so inspired by the Kraft it up challenge with Boarders and Scrap the boys Super hero theme
I scrapped this layout...
My Super Cutie!
with the power to melt hearts!

I used the lovely papers from Bella Blvd! Man of the house..totally delish!
and a fantastic sketch from Sketch Inspiration

So it's getting a little dark and i really need to sit down and drown my self in some cuddles : D
Goodnight chickies and Happy scrappen : D

Oh So Proud!!

Hello everyone!!
I've only just got back from taking Ash too kindy, we had a school Assembley today and the Kindies
were doing a little item, so i had to dress Ash in his PJ's for this which i thought i would have a problem with but funny has it, Ash was in the "I don't want to go to school" mode so i just got his shoes on and said "See you later i'm going to assembly" so Ash came running
We got to school and went straight to assembley and Lockie and I sat and amazment as Ash sat quietly and still!! OMG!!! Then my heart just melted into a puddle of Goo! As Ash and the rest of the Kindies did a little song and dance....Oh my heart was just so full of pride to see Ash standing up there
Haven just as much fun as the rest of the kids and with a huge smile : D
Oh Ash really had me choked up : D *sniff sniff* my baby is growing up!
He better stop doing it or i'll have to talk to some one!!
lol! After the Assembly we all headed back for a Morning Tea with all the Parents and kids
Which was Totally AWESOME!! I just love to see Ash and Lockie playing and haven fun with other kids 
So this Morning has been totally delightful ..the only thing missing was my CAMERA!!
Oh man seriously!!! you think with all the scrappen i do, you think the first thing i would take is my Camera!!
so kicking Myself!!! beside that totally perfect morning!!
Now Lockie and i have a few hours together maybe some cutting and Gluing
Or just a cuddle and movie....
Oh Thank you so Much for all my blessing!!
if i could freeze time it would be now!!
this has been such a eye opener haven Kids...before life was just
so empty....or just more self absorbed...maybe
well if you have had kids you know what i mean and if will : D
I can't thank Justin enough for giving me the gift of being a SAHM if i had to juggle a job between the kids i really think i would be too stessed and tired to enjoy it, well we'll see in a few more
Still i'm just on cloud nine to to see Ash happy and being a little boy...kindy boy : D

Hope your all haven a fantastic day and if not go grab a cuddle!!
Cause you soo deserve it!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh the rainy days!

Hello Everyone!!

It been rainy here in Busselton for the last couple of days, you could totally 
swear it was winter! My washing is bulking up and i had to drag out the clothes horse,
not to mention the kids have been fighter...or more like sqobbling! OH MYGOD! if only my scrap
space had a cone of silence! lol Still it has be love weather to curl up with a book and sinking a milo!
If only some one would watch the kids!!
Serioulsy if they left my space i would be able to relax....only when they are asleep in their 
Beds do i really feel at peace : D
So Scrappen has been a little slim the past coupl of days and i'm haven a little rut at the moment...
Just the weather and the over whealming feeling of loss since i finished
my last House of nights book!! On MAN! i feel like i have lost my friends!
the next book comes out in Januray so at least it's not the end....Now i'm getting ready to dive into 
the City of Bones that was highly recommend by Kirsten : D (thank you darling) 

So with my little sook out of the way i can show you the Card  and layout i made thanks to the inspirations from Penicl lines and Basic Grey Challenge Blog  

So for Basic Grey Challenge blog we were give a sketch to get us scrappen : D

So using the Urban Prairie 6x6 pad from Baise Grey
i created this sweet card...aslso using one of the delightful stamps from Deb's Creation a  C.C. Designs stamp.

Then from Pecil Lines i grabbed this sketch and attacked my Lime rickety Stash from Basic Grey
(While i still had my Basic Grey box out :)
Also used a coulpe hand made butterflys i am doing for a yellow swap at Deb's Creations : D 

so as you can see i have been creating, little more than a
i think tomorrow if the sun is shining we should all go to the park!
i LOVE watching them in the park and soaking up the sun : D Aarrhhhh! totally JOY!

I i should say a HUGE THANK YOU too Scrap Thearpy!!
as i was a lucky winner in the CC this October with my Journalling challenge!
OMG!! totally stoked i won a voucher and i was ssooo thrilled i sent it all ready!
i can't believe i've gone a whole month with out scrap shopping!!
I know...sometimes i think i'm more addicted to shopping for scrappen supplies then actually scrappen with them!! oh well i promise to be an extra good girl as we are really backed into a corner this past month...
we need some serious car repairs! ....oh $1200...later,...then Ash School Stuff, wacked with the Water Bill....then to top it off extra bill from the Syrengy!! OH MAN! and christmas is around the corner!!
I know i'm sooking again!
See i did say i was totally thankful to scrap therapy for treating me with some delish scrappen goodies...i think i'll save them for chrissy : D...if i
Well happy scrappen lovelys!!
If your in need for some inspirations check out my scrappy friends they are sosoos talented and they always inspire me : D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Colour Room

Oh Huge Hello to you all!!
I finally had some time to have a look around for some inspirations
Well did i find it!!!
Oh MY GOD!! you got to check out this Place!!

this is just the most overflowing Inspirational site i have ever seen! 
I have never really got into colour challenge so i was definatly up for a change
Well if the layouts in the gallery are not enough to get you scrappen the Colour Pallets will!
Now this week Pallet i was a little take back as i really don't get to use pink cause of my boys
But i really thought what the hey!
so this is the juciy slice of inspiration they serve you at the Colour Room

   How Joy is this!!
Not only do you get your colours but a sketch too! which is totally optional!!
So i'm not a huge fan of pinks with greens but well for a challenge i got to it!
And found i was reallly enjoy myself!!
here is what i came up with

I think i got away with the pink in a boys i did think the photo was perfect cause of the pink Milkshake which is the boys all time fav!!
i can't wait till next weekk Pallet, for now i'll go throught the last pallets and the gallery! which is just oozzing
with creativity!!
so you look for some delsih inspiration pop over to the Colour Room!!

Happy scrappen Chickies : D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scrap Happy with Comic Cricket!

Hello Everyone : D

Been a bit busy at home the past couple of days to show off what i've been creating
But most of it is Secret Design Team work for Deb's Creations!
If you haven't heard the whispers and Seen  the Sneak Peeks
your going to be in for a Super Suprise!! There is going to be a
Awesome Blog Hop showing you the most wonderful creations
from a Very New Line of Rubber Stamp's that are ONLY
Avalible at Deb's Creatiopns cause they are Deb's Creations!!!
What to Know More????
Well Pop over to Deb's Creations!!!

You can also see what i've been up too with the New Echo Park Paper Everyone loves christmas!
Also avalible at Deb's Creations : D

Now for something i can show you : D
I was lucky enough to find some time today to scrap with some of Cosmic Cricket
Little Man papers this was propted by a Cosmic Cricket Inspired Challenge
where on their Blog they have a love Autum Photo of a front Pourch
So i was Inspired by the colours for first but manly the Home aspect
One thing says home to me is seeing a photo of Man! so off i went

If you want to have a looksy at the AMAZING Cosmic cricket Blog ( i totally recommend)

Well Chickies i'll have to leave it there as i have a little boy who has just fallen asleep in my
lap...aaawwww i didn't even realize it was nap time yet?! Yay! time to have a read of My House of Nights!!!

Happy scrappen Lovelies :D