Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting all Jacked up!!

Huge hello Everyone!!

Well this week i have been jacking my little bum off!
Yes i've been hitting Scrap Jacked this month
seriously i love this challenge blog!
if your up for a challenge visit!

Also if you haven't read my post before About Rachel Funnel
Greatest  Giveaway ever! Check it out too! (Seriously a MUST!)
P.S. (Rachel it so easy to say all the super nice things about you cause there all TRUE!!!!!)

As well as Leeann from Chip Chop Shop is haven it's 1st Birhtday!
WooHoo! Congrats Leeann! I'm sure there will be many more!
as your  Handmade Embellishments are just the Cutest...EVER!
If you haven't checked Chip Chop Shop out do so like NOW!
And pop over to Leeanns Blog for a Birthday Giveaway!

Ok so whom have a jacked this time???

well i've Jacked four layouts this week :D

First Sarah's Layout....
i used it as a sketch...Using Kaisercraft Beach collection

Then i went back to Scrap Jacked for second's and took on
Christen's layout

I used the design sketch and the main colours Yellow, Red and Blue
This is Ash's 4th birthday! he always seem to have to taste the cake with his

Then i went back to Scrap Jacked for a third time
this time i attacked Vicki's Layout!
I totally love the whimsical feel and the design!
(i'm thinking i may do this one again, i love it that much!)

I dug out some My Little Shoe Box Papers...oh i forgot how seriously cute they are!!

This is Ash when he was only 20 month old....oh i so miss them being this small!
He used to call all his cars "da Brum"  aaaww i totally love this boy too bitz!

 Now i finally had one last helping at Scrap Jacked
inspired by Mandy's Layout...what got me was the dolies and the paint!
so off i went into my Cosmic cricket and a Photo of my Mum when she was 19
and ready to be a brides maid....

this was the say year my Mum was Asked to be Miss Australia..
thats right Asked to be in the comp!...i swear her looks skips a generation! that
or i just look too much my sweet old dad :D

Totally love this collection from Cosmic cricket!

So i'm sure your wanting to pop over to Scrap Jacked so you too
can have a go!! seriously loads of fun!!  

Any way i counting down now....three more days till TAFE starts for me!!
i'll let you know how my first day back at school
Happy scrappen Chickies :D