Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exclusive Digi Stamps!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well it's very exciting !
today is the day to release Eye Candy Magic's First Digital Stamps!
These little cuties are created by the Talented Cartoon Artist

Justin Allison
you can find a little about the Artist .... Here

We have Three little Digi Stamps
that can't be found anywhere but here!

First we have


How Cutie is this guy!
I had to make a Birthday card with Bobo he would be prefect for a boy or a bloke!

I found him so easy to colour and i would be able to fit him to any colour combo!

Next is
"Dipsy Daisy"

How Dipsy is this Daisy!
Just makes me giggle looking at him!

love how these cartoons are designed leaves you with as much leg room to be creative
with your colouring and shading
and totally quirky :)

Last we have
"Pixie Ruffles"

I think Pixie Ruffles is one of my favs! so darn cute!
As you can see i have used Basic grey papers on this card along with
Eye candy magic spotty button, twine and hand dyed doilies.
I was inspired to use Basic Grey challenge Blog Sketch for this card
and i thing Pixie ruffles fits perfectly!

Well with Little cuties just coming out of the Woodwork
I'm going to hold a little comp!
If you post about these little cuties and where to find and buy them
I will pop you into a random draw to choose one for free!

I will call out the winner on the 20th August!

So go and spread the word!

Would you like to see some more?

Pop over to the very Talented

 from Emerald Fairies and Kenny K DT
to see how she has Created with these cuties

and the very Talented

Designer for Bearly Mine designs,
The Paper Shelter, Scrap a while and Emerald Fairies

Now if you would like to jump on in and have a play with these cuties,
to order , just like any Eye Candy Magic Goodies
Just Email me
and I'll be happy to send you more details.

Happy Creating! :)


Monday, July 25, 2011

What a Weekend!

Huge Hello Everyone!!

Well the count down is on!
tomorrow is back to school for Ash and ME!
kind of excited and a bit nervous, but over all glad there will be some
kind of routine back in my life :)

Had me self a wonderful Scrappen Sunday!
oh started the morning playing with fimo,
after last sale i think more Fimo is the key as so many orders just on Fimo!
so i got into play mode and designed some more fun fimo buttons and some other
ones that are still in the works but here is what i baked Sunday Morning...
You like??

Well i sure do! having these on my scrappen desk i couldn't help but use a few on
my layout challenge i got done :)

I was so suprise i got three layouts done?!
OMG! thank you Scrappen Muse!
i thought i was having a dry spell
theme "Favourite Food"
used the Ad lib collections
and these photos of the boys having their most Fave Ever treat!

 My boys are fuss eaters but they never say no to Pink Milk!
Also used the Bird Is the Word  word "Today"
now what an inspirational site!
seriously! loads of lovely creations and With Rachel Funnel there it has to AMAZING!

So after that play around with bright colours i thought
i would give the Scrap the Boys July Challenge a go..
Challenge Using masking tape and the Word "Play"

I just had to use this challenge!
i also have a pet love of creating my own masking tape :)
so many combination you can create!
so i created this layout...
Smile and Play

As you can see i have dipped into my Eye candy stash with this layout,
using the frog pin, Chipboard lady bug i designed, car button and the cloud funny face,
as well as the hand dyed doilies and crochet flower.

Oh how much fun i have with my Eye candy..hehe :)

Also used some of my grunge board?! lol
created the masking tape with tim hotlz stamps and paint :)

Oh and did you know Scrap the Boys are having a CT call?
thinking about it, but that's proberly out of my league, but you should totally have a go!
Well with all this creative flowing i some how got into the Scrap with V sketch that i stumbled across while having a blog hop
Check out this awesome Sketch!

So armed with this sketch i set off to create this layout
"Lets Walk Together"

I used Prima and Lilly Bee Pattern papers and 
As you can see i used a combinations of Eye Candy Magic goodies
all of these are still up for grabs, just check in the links at the top of the blog

I hope this post haven giving you some inspiration and also giving you some challenge to work with
I'm thinking to finish off my holidays i will curl up for an hour and read :)
before the clean up crew begins at 4pm and dinner crew at 5pm..hehe
also hope to god i final get to watch Notebook tonight...hehe
got to love a chick flick...can't believe it has taken me this long to see it...
that is if i get to watch

Huge {HUGS}

Also wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your lovely comments!
your all so wonderful for taking the time to leave me some love :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Candy SALE! on NOW!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Welcome, Welcome!

here we are for our third month with some more
 Eye Candy Magic to share

Very excited to bring some new goodies for you.
I hope you all have as much fun creating with these as i have making them :)

Now i hope you have a pen and note pad by your side so you can write down what you
 would like to order,
when your done shoot me an email
and i will reply with the final amount and payment options.

so have fun and be inspired! :)

July Sale

Bee Happy Kit

Hand dyed orange trim. 1x large yellow crochet flower 5cm, 3x medium crochet flower
as pictured 3cm wide, 1x large buttin 3cm wide, 2x medium small spotty button 2cm wide


Flutterby Kit
1x small bit of hand dyed trim, 2xlarge hand dyed doilies 6cm wide, 2small hand dyed doilies
2x 3cm crochect flower, 1x medium butterfly button 3cm wide, 2x medium small buttons
as pictured above


Sugar and Spice kit
1x 6cm wide hand dyed doilie, 1x 4cm wide crochet flower, 1x 3cm crochet flower,
1x Vintage Chenille Flower 4cm wide, 2x small buttons, 1 meduim button,
1x fimo heart button, 2x small crochet flowers
as pictured above


 (More Kits from May and June at bottom of post )

Vintage Chenille petal flowers
4cm wide
$1.95 each

Felt Fancy flowers
7cm wide
$1.80 each

Mixed Media flowers 1
7cm Wide
Mix of Felt, Netting, cotton, burlap and fimo button
$1.90 each

Mixed Media Flower 2
7cm wide
mix of cotton and cordaroid fabric
with fimo button

Country Style flowers
7cm Wide
mixed fabric, burlap, cotton and chenille.


Crochet flowers

{Please note that i have not made these crochet flowers, i just have a HUGE}
addiction for them :)
Large Crochet flowers
5cm wide
$0.95 each.

Small Crochet flowers
just under 4cm wide
$0.80 each

Coloured Centered
3.5cm wide
$0.70 each
 Colour Starfish
5cm wide
$1.10 each

Rainbow Flowers
4cm wide
$1.10 each

Coloured edged
4cm wide
$1.20 each

Ittsy Bittys Flowers
2cm wide
$0.30 each

Crochet rainbows
4cm wide cloud tip to cloud tip
these are the only ones i have so best in best dressed with choosing colours,
{Only pink and red rimmed rainbows left}

Pastels flower set

Set of three one of each colour, 3cm wide


Blue, green, brown flower


$1.30 each.

Rainbow flower set

one of each colour one set, 3cm wide

Got to be quick for this set! they run out fast!


{2 sets left}

Pinks and Blues Set

Large flower 7cm, medium flowers 3cm, small 1cm


Want a mix? set

got to have a few of each? well this is a perfect set with a dash of each flowerand a few button

2 large button 4cm, 1 medium teddy button 2cm.



When ordering button please state size, name and colour you want :)

Large buttons
3cm wide $1.20 each

 Owls 1
name by colour.

Owl 2


name by colour

Owl 3
Name by colour

Owl 4

Medium Buttons
2.5cm wide $1.00 each

Funky Mushrooms
name by colour.

{Yellow sold out}


Small Mediums
2cm wide $ 0.95
Spotty Buttons
name by colour

 Fishy 2

Bear, rabbit, elephant

yellow truck, red bus, police car

Bunny Fun
{one each left}
Slice, Cupcake

Apple or Strawberry

Pink Bear or Pink Bunny

Small Buttons
1.1cm wide $0.80 each

Little Mushies

Butterfly on Black 

 Yellow Butterfly

Beatle or Blue Butterfly

Samiam's Fimo creations

Under the sea
Fish 3cm long starfish 2cm wide
$3.00 pair

Owl Buttons
2cm wide 1.5cm tall
{2 pairs left}
Mushie and flower
mushie 2cm tall, flower 3cm wide
$3.00 pair

Butterfly and flower
butterfly 3cm wide flower 3cm wide
 $3.00 pair
 Birdie pin
2cm wide 1cm tall
$1.10 each
{3 left}
Heart pin
1.5cm wide 1.5cm tall
$1.10 each

Frog Pin
1.5cm tall 1.3cm wide
$1.10 each
{3 left}

Heart Buttons
Set of 3 heart buttons


Mushie Pin Cuties
set of 5, 2cm mushies


(one left)

Rocket Star
set 1 star 2.5cm , 2 rocket pins 2cm

$ 3.00

Car pin cuties
Set of three car pins

1.5 tall, 2cm wide



Fly a Kite set

your pick, pink and yellow or Green and Orange

kites 5cm tall 3cm wide, tree button 3cm tall 2cm wide cloud button 3cm long 2cm tall


Light Blue, Green, Red, black, Orange, Yellow and Purple.
$0.40 per meter

Hand dyed Dolies sets

Three set

set of three
6cm wide

Double Dip

set of 4

double dip, 6cm wide


Colour me doilies

pack of 5 big 6cm wide and 5 minis 2.5cm wide


Large colour me doilies pack
pack includes 5 x10cm wide hand dyed doilies

Trims pack

set of 5 colours 30cm each peice


(1pack left)

heart crochet dolies

roughly 8cm by 8cm

$1.00 each

{Yellow & Purple sold out}

Samiam Design Chipboard

Love Birds
large 10cm tall $3.00
small 5cm tall $2.00

Bee or ladybug
2cm wide
$1.60 each

 Samiam Mushroom

6cm tall 5cm wide
$ 3.00

Silly faces
3cm wide
$1.60 each

"MAGIC" title
11cm long and roughly 6cm wide from end of letter "g" to the top of mushroom
$4.40 each
 Buckle Up
15 buckles, 1cm by 1cm
Pack of 15, 1 of each colour

Resin Flowers
set of 8 resin flowers

one of each colour 2cm wide


Well thats it for this Julys line up i also have a few of May & June kits left over 

Just to help make some room for me to create new kits

May Kits are $5.00

Earth Tones
this kit includes
36cm of green and brown ric rac, 1 bottle cap 3cm,
25cm brown lace, 3cm owl badge, 1cm poka dot pin badge,
1 large 7cm lollie pop flower & one small 5cm matching flower
as well as two crhochet flower white 4.5cm brown 3cm

Purple & Greens
kit includes
1 lenght of purple and white poka dot ribbon 30cm
1large flower 7cm, 1 small flower 4cm, one blue crohet flower 5cm,
1 fimo mushroom2.5cm height 1 fishy button 2cm
felt cloud 7cm long and moon 5cm height.

Pink and Blue
lace/ribbon 28cm lenght, 1 large flower 7cm 2 mall flowers 4.5cm,
1 crochet flower 5cm, 1 badge 2cm, 1 poka dot pin badge1cm, 3 swirl fimo hearts 2cm -1cm wide

Denim Red
1 Denim boarder 18.5cm with studs, 1x 2cm badge, 1 fimo skull 2cm,
1 large strip flower 7cm, 1 large fold flower 4 cm, 1 small fold flower 3cm,
3 swirl fimo heart differnt sizes 2 cm - 1cm, 1 lenght of twine red and white 78cm long

Rainbow Kit
this kit includes
1 lenght of rainbow misted lace 31cm, 36cm ribbon purple hearts,
19cm rainbow painted canvas boarder, 1x 5cm pink crochet flower, 1x 4cm blue crochet flower,
1 felt sun 5-6cm, small 3cm long & 7cm long cloud set,1 large rainbow flower 7cm, 1 small rainbow flower 4cm, 1 fimo rainbo button 3.5cm, 1 fimo rainbow 3cm and 1 fruit salad fimo button 3cm.

June Kits 

Who's Blue?

1x Large owl button 4cm

1x medium button 2cm

1 small owl button ,1 fimo cloud button,1 fimo tree button

Large crochet flower 6cm, med blue flower 3 cm, 2 small flowers 2cm


Bunny pink & Blue

2 med button 2cm, 1 small heart button 1cm,

3 double coloured crochet flowers 3cm, 1 blue flower 3cm, 1 blue small 1cm flower

1 large pink crochet flower 6cm.


Sprinkles of Pink and blue

1 large mushroom button - 4cm

2 meduim buttons - 2cm 1 small heart 1cm and 1 other small button

3x small 1cm crochet flowers, 3x double coloured med flowers 3cm, 1 large 6cm crochet flower


Red and Green Never Been Seen

1x large lolliepop layered flower 7cm, 1 red crochet flower 3cm, 1 small1cm green,

1x zipper flower3.5cm 1 large owl button, 1 med 2cm button

1x lenght of red and whiter check ruffle ribbon


Purple and Blue Very Drool

1x lolliepop layered large flower 7cm, 1 blue crochet flower 1cm

1 zipper flower 3cm, 1 med button 2cm, 1 large button 4cm, 1 fimo mushroom


Red and Blues

1 large owl button 4cm, 1 monkey button 3cm, 1 small spotty button 1cm

canvas flower 7cm, 1 large red crochet flower 7cm, 1 blue and 1white crochet flowers 3cm

2 fimo swirl hearts, 1 felt spotty button, 1 small and 1 large denim and canvas flower


Multi Sprinkles

1 large 7cm and 1 small 3cm satin flowers, 1 large crochet flower 7cm, 1 felt spotty button,

3x med buttons 2cm, 1 small heart button 1cm, 4x small crochet flowers 1cm


Paint me Rainbow

30cm of each ribbon, 3x funky felt flowers and fimo rainbow, mushroom and star button.



So if you see something want just shot me an email at

with your name and address

and i'll send you the total

and have your candy out to ASAP!
Please remember when ordering buttons or flowers
please state size, name and colour you want :)

Any questions just shot me an email, i'm happy to help :)


Keep smiling! and enjoy the simple moments!