Saturday, June 26, 2010

Been a Week already!!

WOW!! time flys when your busy busy busy!!! LOL!
I had the rentispection on wednesday, all went well *phew* so i was very happy to break out the papers and double sided tape and start scrappen!! ionly got two layouts done but looking forward to a bit here and there scrappen : D

Last weekend was fun! Breaky @ Palandri was tasty! i had vego breaky YUM!!  lockie had pancakes and Ash had a bacon and egg roll while my Mum had eggs benidic and my dad had a full breakfast ;D

There was also one of the hundereds of Cows that are along the Margret river region, which is where we are going this Saturday, too take photos of all the cows, well not all of them but a few! lol
After Breakfast we went to a Geocachs (treasure hunt) to Devils Cove!! lol
we didn't find it but the boys had fun running around and making monster the photos

Now for the two layouts i put together the past two days
RAHA!! is made with Sassafrass lass Amplify pp, first layout i've done in like a week! since the rent inspection all i've been doing is clean! lol any way you can see i just exploded onto the

next is Swinging good time, using My minds eye - bloom and grow and a few snips from the Jungle bug 6x6 pad, god i love those kaisercraft pads!!!
 i'm starting a

well i've got to dash, got to get ready in less than 
so happy scrappen, hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lazy scrappen Digital style

Ok as i mention in my play catch up post that i would show you the layouts i've done for the past couple of months with the digital scrappen, now i find i like being as lazy as possible with my digital so i love using templates!! so easy to pick a kit to work with & a funky template and away you go!! Making Clipping mask to your hearts content!! : D i must admit i seem to be creating a pattern for myself, When my mojo is low and i just don't have the passion to play with my papers Digital scrappen Has been my Muse! from the different effects you can do with your papers and photos too the inspiring Templates that have helped me with my over all design in my hands on scrappen.....Got to love lazy
Most of these templates i have used are from Kaisercraft Digital challenge held on Saturdays with the Saturday sketch, with the added incentive for winning a prize how can you say no?!
Also been using Pickleberry Pop templates from their forum template challenge, all the ladies are so help and sssoo nice i erge you to pop in and have a chat! they all so have a FREE beginnners kit it includes FREE kit to use and HEAPS of helpful hits on facts sheets....I pop into forum as well for helps of FUN!! just look for  SAM I
Heres the beginners kit link

Ok so here is my layouts using kits found @

The last two layouts are of MY Neice Maddison!! and My very Lastest addition Nephew Zander Kane Horizan Young!!! My Big Brother Geofferey love littlies!! Maddison layout is from a quick page @ kaisercraft that you can find here
for FREE!!! as if digital scrappen can't get any easier!!! lol

As well as His NAme is Horse layout won the Kaisercraft comp!!! Swweeettt!! i'm so lucky!! :D

Well today i'm off for Breakfast @ Palandri winery where my sweethearts works with My lovely parents and kids as well as do a Geocach on the way, great way to get those beautiful Bush photos....aaaaahhhh, i've got to get a wriggle on they'll be here @ 8am!!!!

Happy scrappen!!! HAppy Lazy sunday!!! : D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dazzled by Twilight...

Ok now to be completly honest i wasn't that over taking with the film and when i saw New Moon i was just Hypnotised by Jabcos body and the sweet little interludes, so i really could take it or leave it wasn't really understanding the hype, just put it down too Young girls and their thats until i was convinced to read the books....Well that was it! i have never read a book so quickly let alone a set of four in least than a month!!! I'm not sure weather it was just a really great author or it was the lack of romance in my but i totally lapped up these books! Now i waiting egerly for July the1st to go see the movie Eclispe, more to compare my notes from Book too movie....or Just to get an eye full of anyway just a little bit of something to get me i'm torn do i use my time to sit and read or too scrap???? lol....the hard life i i'm so lucky!
    Thansk to all those Twilght fans for their joy Photos and Google for poniting the way.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playing catch up....

Well its been sssoooo long since my last sorry! my computer has been haven issuse! anyway we are on the sence again and i have been keeping up with my monthly goals with scrappen and winning a few comps here are there to keep me even more motivated : D April and May scrappen was a fantastic! trying to push my bondiers to get a little more interest into my layouts.....oh i just realize i have no post for my March layouts eirther.....god i have been slack!! ok i will do a seperate post for my OTP and mt digital but will keep on top after this MASSIVE post! lol!




Phew!! that a lot of layouts!! not even including my OTP or my digital, lol 
Well i hope this gives you some ideas or at least some to have a look at man i cranked in March! i think that was my Red Bull any way if you want to catch up i'll hanging around Deb's Creations like a bad all the Ladies are Fantastic and there are some truley amazing Creations in the gallery come have a looksy and join in the fun : D

Happy Scrappen and if theres no time to scrap happy scrappy i know i
Take care chickies : D tomorrow i'll post the digies : > 

oh if you have any questions about the types of papers i have used just give me a comment about which layout an i'll give you the run down : D

 sorry taking the easy way out on that many, too little I'm sure you understand :D