Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grab a's going to be a BIG One!

Huge hello Everyone!!

OMG! how i have missed bloggin and Creating during the week!
And it been a HUGE week!
well i'll started with My first day at TAFE
On Tuesday...nervous and almost eating my insides ...
I was happy to find out i have the same Lecturer Mrs Sarah Lotze for all my
Units *Phew* And She is Super Nice and so easy to listen and talk too
i have to be honest i totally LOVE it! all my classes even the Maths is really great!
fun on Firday which is a full day of TAFE i was just so glad to leave Mr Lockie Whingy Bum
to his dad and go off for the day and talk to Adults! I do admit at the end of the day i was ready
for a full on cuddle and play session :)

so TAFE is awesome! even if i found i was struggling to find the energy to sit and play with my 
stash...arh well nothing a bit of time and a lock on the study door 
I also got my first ever Email from SBM for "we Maybe Publishing you layout"
so super super excited about it!!
so cross my fingers and hold my breath i'll get the confirmation email :)

Now i got creative on Thurday and finally got my Flower swap and ATC 
swap done for Deb's Creations *phew* 

So i haven't taken any photos of the flowers DHO!
but i did of the ATC

How sweet are these are these faries!
Now i've got to admit i didn't use any speacil Copics for the colouring
I used my Kids Pip Sqeaks marker *Blush* Thanks Aunty Janelle! They are
awesome! seriously where there is a will there is a scrapper!
Yu can only get these Emerald Faries at Deb's creation
Which were Designed by the very Talented Linda CatchLove
She is incredible Lovely and here art is to die for!
if you want to see more lovely creations with these faires
pop over to Deb's Creations!

Psst! want to know a secret...there will be more super Sweet
Fairy designs coming soon :) i'm super excited!

I also by the good grace of coffee got a layout done on Friday night
i just had to take on the Get picky Sketch for Feb

As you can see i really seems to love Bella Blvd when i'm doing a Picky
But i really really loved this sketch, will be a keeper!
Thanks for the inspiration Ladies! MWAH!

Also been getting creative with Fimo! Yes that right Fimo!
so i have create a bunch of cute little birds and mushrooms on pins
and some lollie pop buttons and swirly heart :)
all to add a little extra to my layout or cards or even OTP

What do you think? should i open my own little shop on Etsy???
thinking about it just to make a little money to fuel my Stash :)
well let me know what you think :)
Thanks Chckies, i do value your comments

Now onto more serious matters...My Boy Ash turned 5 yesterday!
How dare they grow up so quick!
He was totally stoked to see he got the Lego movie he has been wanting

Sad most of my photos were so blurred from how fast Ash was unwrapping his
but this photo kinda says it

well as you can imagin we had a lovley day first off too the beach

then stop in for a mini Party at Nannies :D
oh you should have seen the food! like a kid had die and gone to heaven!
Not to mentions the Ultra cool pressie!

then the afternoon was filled with Aunty B* and cousin Adien
Uncle Dan and Nan Jean with more lego!
a very lego birthday!
i'm going to have to make myself a draw string playmat
for all this lego!

Than was the Cake!
oh not only was it looking like a Ninja Turtle (So cool)
But it was the most delish Choc Browie cake (Gluten free)
i have ever ever had! My man really out did himself on this one..
i've even put in my order for my
i would have wet my pants for a cake like this when i was 7..
i so love Ninja Turtles! been so cool watching all the old cartoon
show i watched as a kid...sing the intro

Ash even thought the Cake was really yum :D

I took so many photo yesterday! when i went to upload them to my computer
it was near on 500! lol!
i am always torn between taking photos or a vidio of the blowing out of the candles
but i have now desided that when they're up for thier 21st
i'll do a montage of the vidios of singing happy birthday all through
their birthdays and play it for them on the actual singing of their
21st birhtday :D or i'll just do it for

Well now it's Sunday and you all know i LOVE Sunday!
stay at home and Scrap!...i'm thinking the Kaisercraft
Saturday Sketch is looking pretty Joy! :D
be good with the multi pics and all the Joy
beach photos i got yesterday :)

Thanks so much for popping in and seeing what i've been up too!
and i just love hearing back from you and really love seeing comments
makes me smile and know i'm not alone :D
Happy Sunday Scrappen :)