Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's play catch up! Aprils new relase! & a Giveaway! YAY!

Huge Hello Everyone!!

And an HUGE CYBER Cuddle!
I missed you all !!

I have to say it';s been a little bit of Mayhem going on over here in my corner
of the universe...

Study is going hard, getting into all the big bad stuff and really oven the brain food,
even if it gives me a of gastro from time to!

Mostly been busy with work and study, so creative time has been taken over by
my first in a few too many years Art Project for The Vasse Art Awards...

So i have trying to squeeze in this Art work, and starting to think I'm almost done...

Would you like to see what i have created???

Well first i have to say i have always been into the mixed media side of Art
even before i was bitten by the Scrappen bug...

So drawing from my inspirations and the texture side of things

I have created

"Dreams Reality"

As you can see i have a few layers for my background,
and i really was inspired by the idea of dreams
your hearts desire
and As much as you have a dream you want to for fill
i takes a whole lot to let it out and i find even when you let it out
it could be only held onto by just a string,
anyone could come and cut that string with doubt...

So all in all i have to do her face again and pop some more finishing touches,
but i have to hand it in to the gallery on the 10th April,
have some pictures to share the opening night later next month :)

Coming to the end of the month i an excited that

will be coming out with a New Kit release for April!!!

Scroll down for the April Kit!! sssoooo YUMMY!
For April i will be creating the Recipe for a Yummy layout
and i will be creating another tech vid to share :)

But to hold me over till then i have been admiring Tam's Creations with the
March Kit From A Piece of Cake Designs

Also have to show you the last of the layouts i have created with this Awesome
First Release - March Kit-

Here are some sneak peeks....

to see the whole layouts pop over to

Aprilo Kit goes on sale tomorrow night @ 8pm!!


Look at all these YUMO! colours!! and i spy Charms Creations!!! Oh SO EXICTING!!

Also very exciting Last night i was up at Bunbury
Accepting my Student of the Year Award for Busselton Campus!!


I was so nervous, but super excited!!
I wanted to thank 4 of the most inspiration people in my life
first my Partner Justin for all his Love and Support
My Dad for always believing in me
My lecturer Mrs Sarah Lotze for teaching me the tools to succeed
and my most oldest and dearest friend...caffeine :P

speaking about caffeine, i think i need a refill!
but before i go i wanted to pick a winner for March's Giveaway!!

YAY!! Congrats! please email me @
and i will send out your prize ASAP :)

Now to share April's giveaway!!

Just leave a comment with a link to your blog or face book sharing
about this giveaway for a chance to win :)

Yet another over loaded post...sorry, i should be a little more spaced
i will over the holidays i promise!!

Have a fantastic Weekend and i hope you all have time to
do what makes you happy!