Monday, April 12, 2010

Just as Addictive...

Morning everyone : D

Just popped in to add a little bling to my Blog, I have found that Shopping for digital kits are just as addictive and shopping for Scrappen with the storage still being an issue..."will my computer still run with that many kits??" lol i i have been going a little nuts with the PTS Design kits as they are 50% off! OMG! i was so all over it last night and again this morning! lol thats it no more buying untill i scrap a storm with each kit and get a Bigger Extrnal Hard i'm feeling a little scared about all the kids photos disappearing to put my mind at rest a new hard drive just for photos and i'm going to start doing Hard copies....well i think that will help me sleep better ...i

Any way i'm still scrappen a storm with my papers flying too, i'm on a mission to get my papers used and  sorted in to some sort of selling off not loved i'm a huge fan of kits i may just be able to get rid of  some of my stash, sounds easy but....oh god the thought of parting with my lovely just got to get

Well i'm working through My Duchess collection from Kaisercraft, so far three layouts and the Journal for all my Dads answers to his-story, i'm thinking i'll get another layout and a few cards if i'm clever *cross my fingers*  Do you think doing up kits with a bit of everything? or kits with just papers or just stamps???
Still thinking it over.....longer i put it off ,the more chance i have that Just forgets i even said i'll sell

Happy scrappen everyone  : D

Friday, April 9, 2010

Got to love Freebies!!

Ok now i know i just have to share with you that i have just figured out how to use scanned images and printable freebies from Kaisercraft! I so loved the Gypsy sister range but now on my spend less trip, i could justify buying the range as it is a bit to girly for my boys layouts so i saved copy of the free printables and went into photo shop and batterbing batterboom! a lovely layout!

To find these Printable freebies But to find the Gypsy sister and Peachy keen Printables you got to go to the Kaisercraft Products and veiw the paper lines at the bottom of the paper preveiws are the printables
While your there you should check out the lastest Kaisercraft Mag for Free! WooHoo!!! got to love freebie!  

Going digi.....

Well Hello everyone  = D
March was the most full crazy month filled with heaps of appointments and with Ash's Kindy, i'm suprised i got anything Also Had a fantastic Birthday...God i still can't believe i'm 26! let alone have two still trying to get my head around Also very stoked to Be An Aunty 3 times over! My Partner Justin Sister Sara Has given Birth to a lovely Bubba Girl Francessca, oh too sweet! now i have another sweet neice to scrap about : D

Ok now this month i've really been hitting the digital scrappen, i'm finding it way more cheaper and just over all more comfortable at the end of a busy day just to sit and scrap on the computer than up and down and cleaning up after scrappen sessions, sad to say i 'm going to make the change too digi scrappen, i just can't justify spending money on all the yummy paper and eye candy, than haven the problem of storeage and my boys pulling bits apart and so and so....but i'm not sure what to do with all my scrappen stuff??? i was thinking Ebay but in the end i'm just not going to get as much as i spent and i'd have the hassel of postage and stuff, i may do i a few pack of randoms just to clear out what i don't completely love! so i think i may just have to use up what i have and do all my OTP projects as many layouts and cards as i can to at least go out with a bang! i 'll have to scan a bunch of my fav papers so i can use them on my digital layout, it will be so hard not to shop and crop but i'm sure i'll save a little money and save a hell on postage! lol i'll just have to get a super huge External Hard drive lol

so here is what i created with photoshop CS3 during March... these first five are from Kaisercraft Blog template challenge that they hold with their Saturday sketch, Using their lovely digital range Friday night Jive, Little Man and Rustic charm which is a lovely soft Orange and blue collection but i found i could change the colour and saturation with Photoshop (another bouns to digi scrappen)  here is a link to their digital shop

  Ok now for a little creative adventure i've been checking out Pickleberry Pop! i was so stoked to find they have template changes too! as well as a super helpful forum and heaps of help full tutorials and loads of goods! so 
so here is a template i did from the talented Kristen from Kristen Designs using Linday Jane designs (wild child)  Elements and the Boyish kit from Gypsy Deigns both these kits i bought from Cherry on top which is also very cool, and totally loaded with freebies!
Simply sunshine was created by using the free DigitalInspiration CD with Scrapbooking Memoeries Mag i used the kit by Katie Fairlie Summer Fizz.So there is a lot of thing to do, scrappen and cleaning and so tell me what you think and what i should do with all my real scrappen stash????