Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 already?!

Huge hello chickie babys!
Wanna Wish you a very HAPPY and SAFE New Years! 2011?! 
OMG! seriously as you grow up time keeps getting quicker?!
Well i'm sure you all have had a wonderful christmas, i had!
Full on! with My Lovely Big brother and his absoulte AMAZING Misses
Janel! Oh she is just the ultra best! (love her to bitz) and little princess Maddison
and Bubba Zanda! oh he is so cute! you could just eat him all up!!
lol! i seriously enjoyed some bubba cuddles and love ever moment with this gorgouse
Family! sad we don't live closer, the kids got on like a house on fire!
not much of ..if any fighting....mostly over the "i want what he's got" but that died pretty quick
Oh i got so many beautiful photos and some truely wonderful memoeries!

so with that in mind you'll understand why these three layouts are all photos of Maddison and Zander!
lol! i know i know, i'm the totally in love with being an Aunty!
I even had Lockie telling me he wanted photos of him!..not
funny when they ave to share the lime
still i an't wait to see the awesome photos geoffery (big brother) took with
his AWESOME camera...seriously made mine look like childs
oh that reminds me My Brother gave me a tripod for christmas!!! oh how cool!
i'm now in the throws of planning a vid..been so very long since my last one...sorry :(
still i'm just stoked! not to mention all the other lovely gifts! i'm totally spoiled and so very grateful for everything! So to get to the creations that i squeesed in before the month ended
i ducked into Kaisercraft to pick up the saturday sketches...
is it me or are there more double layouts??
any whoo i came out with these

 I used the all boy range, perfect with the light blue in the photo :D

  Here i lashed out the licla Avenu papers for Maddison and her lovely princess purple top, pppeeerrrffect! :D

Now i'd have to say this is my fav out of the three, i used the off shore collection from Kaisercraft (which i love!) and used the alhpas and the orange pp from Pina colada collection also from Kaiser craft...but Zander looks so sweet with sandy toes!

So now i'm clearing up my scrap table and getting ready for a little swap making for Januray! @ Amandas swap blog Januray theme is Nursery pop over and sign up!
it's fun and you get surpries in the mail! Cool!!

That and getting ready for my next mission, get ready to go back to school! not just for
Ash but for me too!!
this year2011 is going to be fun! Justin and I have desided to swap rolls
i will get me self a career and Justin will be Mister Mum and get himself back into his passion
His Art!
so with that in mind i think i'll have to start time manage ment if i'm going to study, scrap and read?!
lol well it's going to be a year of learning and growing!
oh thats right i've got to get my Drivers license too!
Ok just think in baby
first clean
All smiles chickies and HAPPY NEW YEAR! MWAH!