Monday, April 11, 2011

What a Scrap!

Huge Hello Everyone!

OMG! what a fantastic scrap session i had on Sunday!
Have you ever just had one of those weeks when there really
has been no tme to get creative and then
the right momnet happens and it's like a huge explosion!
well that was me on Sunday with a large pot of coffee!
seriously i squeezed out 5 layouts!
yeah i know!
i am as surprises as you!
i think it's been building up with all the sketch and challenge collecting i've been doing...
well about 15 mins
really love that i have created a folder of all my fave challenge sites
really makes it easy to find the inspiration
also the timing has just got to be there or your just fighting
with yourself over gettting to your scrap space...and thats just no fun!

Mind you i did pay for it today, with the rent inspection on Wednesday
Justin and I just Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned!
all i can smell is my sweat and cleaning products....mmm sexy!!
One long shower later and i'm feeling better and
i realized something too...
i hate cleaning window sill tacks!
oh they are so gross! dead bugs are just not my thing!
sorry a little
any way
today was a little rainy and very refreshing but not the best lighting 
to take a clean pic of my layouts
but i did kind of get two two ok one...

so First one is from the Handmade By Suzanne

sketch Challenge for April
  How joy is this one!
you just have to give this a go!
Plus side is the a delish voucher to Handmade by Suzanne!

So i scrapped a lovely photo i took of Bubba Frankie and her lovely Mum Sara 
(Justin Sister) who both came to stay for four days with us last week!
so weird haven a Baby in the house again
Funny even i was waking at a drop at a hat when Frankie cried through the night for feeds
Well once a Mum always a mum :)
I really loved sharing a silent coffee in the early mornings with Sara
that quiet oh darlin, i know how you feel.

I used so lovely October Afternoon papers , with some of my handmade flowers that 'll be selling
and a cute as Apple button from Chip Chop Shop made by Leeanne

So sweet aren't they :)

Now the next challenge i played with was a sketch challenge at Scrap therapy

so many challenge to choose from in the forum i had a hard time figuring out
where to start!
but you know me i'm a sucker for a sketch!
 so thanks to Deb at ST i got all messy with paint over her sketch!

I'm finding these canvas flowers creeping on too a few of my they are just so easy to use! as well as these joy Bottle tops! both i'll be selling on the 1st May.
thanks to Rachel for the green stamped flower too! lovem! MWAH!

so if your itching for some challenge pop over to Scrap therapy!

well lets hope to morrow is going to sunny so i can take some photos!

oh that reminds my i was very lucky to get my Button/badge press today!
so be on the look out for some of my next Homemade eyecandy!

oh almost forgot some thing super duper awesome is brewing at Deb's Creations!

If you love the sweet little Emerald faires!
then your going to love what coming up next!

very exciting!!!!

well  thanks so very much for have a looksy!
and thank you! thank you! thank you!
for all your lovely comments! they really do make me smile and go all warm and fuzzy :)
so awesome to know i'm not just taking to myself like
and that there are more Creative loven Chickie babes out there!