Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Memories Giveaway!!!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Now if you haven't read that i have been on the search creative inspiration in digital scrapbooking world
Then i have to share with you all the amazing
My Memories Suite Version 2 !

OMG! this is scrapbooking software that can't be beat!
I've been trying to work with Photo shop and at moments find it all too overwhelming

When i received an email from Liza from My Memories, she introduced me
to a whole other side on the digital scrapping!
My Memories digital scrapbooking kits and scrapbook software
This is by far one of the most user friendly creative software products i have
 had the pleasure to create with!

Not to mention this My Memories Software is voted 1# by Amazon and Top Ten Reviews!

With easy to find and use functions and templates
and heaps of bonus papers and embellishments you can start straight away
with scrappen your memories!!

you can start from scratch or work from their beginners templates
so you are given as much creative freedom as you wish!

As well as loads of Tutorials! a wonderful helpful Blog (that also runs competitions!)
And so much help with getting you up and running :)
as well as Freebies! OMG! who doesn't love freebies!
Oh and you can use any digital scrapbooking kits of elements too! No limitations!

The last thought to myself was how much this wonderful Digital Scrapbooking software pack
would be...thinking
in the hundreds with all the fantastic features and the online updates
But i was blown away to find out it was only just under $40!!
I spend over that for a box of papers or a kit for a scrapbooking store?!

Did i even mentions if you use this code STMMMS91253
you will receive $10 off the software package and a $10 vouch for the store for digital kits!
that's makes just $30! for this Software package and at least 2 mega digital kits!
UNREAL! these digital scrapper have it sorted! these kits you can use over and over and
clean up is a breeze!
this is what i scrapped last night using the
 My Memories suite version 2 and Lindsay Design Boyish kit


Honestly if you have wanted to try something different in the scrapping world or even thought
about digital scrapping but thought the software was to overwhelming
or expensive please give My Memories a looksy, you never know this could be the next step to
something amazing! and think how much money you would save on scrapping supplies!

With all this excitement i have one last surprise!
I have the awesome treat of being able to Giveaway this AWESOME
Software package to one lucky person!
That's right for FREE!

If you want to be in to win a My Memories Suite Version 2   for free!
all you have to do is pop over to My Memories and check out their kits
comment on this post, letting me know which one you would totally love to create with :)

I will be drawing the winner in two weeks time :)
13th November 2011 :)

so go explore and be Inspired!!!


PS.. How cute are these owls!!! By Ettes & Company :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Sale & Freebies!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well with the last of the hoildays coming to an end i can't say i'm completly happy for the
school to be back, excited about the learning, miss all the! never!
I'll miss the leasure reading...OMG! just finished a book called "Night Circus"

totally AMAZING! Best read EVER! Must read!!!

Well back to the the October Sale!
With ever order made this October sale i will be giving a free set of Homemade pins :)
My way of saying thank you for your support 

Welcome to this October Sale :)

First i have up the Colour Me Rainbows
One offs








Vintage chenntal flower Photo Edger with large buttons - $3.60

Sold - Pink left

Large Colour me Rainbows - Sold

Buttons Grab Bags - 8 buttons mixed bag - $4.60

Mix will include all sized buttons...
{Want more of an idea what buttons will be in these packs? Check out here

Crochet Creations Grab Bag - Mixed 8 pieces - $4.00

Mix will include varies size & colours :)

Colour Creation kit - $5.00

Include 4 hand dyed doilies, 1 crochet flower, 2 handmade pins,
 1 spotty button, 1 resin flower, 1 coloured button and bakers twine and hand dyed twine
Please understand there is only two of each colour.






Mini Colour Creations $3.00 each

Include 1 handmade fimo owl, 1 crochet flower and 1 resin flower.
 Please understand there is limited numbers.

Creative Colour Flowers - $ 4.00





Doilie Buttons

only sold in sets of three, one big and two small


only two set of each colour.

Fimo Fun

Fimo pins - $1.20 each

Strawberry Pins

Heart Pins

Birdie Pins

Star and heart buttons –
Set of three - $2.00

Owl Buttons $1.50each

Boat Buttons - $1.30each

Car buttons - $1.30each

Mixed handmade Pin sets

Set of 2



Well that is it for this months line up!
Wonder what will be on next month?....thank you for your on going support and comments
you all truly mean the world to me :)

Order or questions to be sent too

I'll Email you ASAP with your final total
I'll be happy to help any way :)
Happy weekend

I'll be back soon to announce the winner and to share a new exciting giveaway

till next time :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Sleep Till October Sale!!

Huge Hello Everyone!!

Hope your all up and ready for a wonderful weekend!

Only one sleep till October Eye Candy Magic Sale!

I'll be announcing my winner for the spread the word comp, if you haven't entered
go pop over to this link and give it  a whirl!

Also wanted to say that this months sale, every order that's made will be receiving
a free handmade pin set, my way of saying thank you :)
and i totally heart you :)

Will have some grab bags up and some more cheap scrappen supplies too.

So make sure to pop in tomorrow morning and see whats up to inspire

Hope to see all your lovely selves tomorrow :)


Monday, October 3, 2011

Creative moments shared with coffee

Huge Hello Everyone :)

Hope your all haven a lovely time no matter whether your starting or finishing holidays :)

Welling I'm on the  starting holidays and with a little homework and a rent inspection,
 i thought what the ha?! lets just sit down and create some eye candy :)

And something for my Auntie Joan :) a bit of a mess but i think that reflects the boys life
at moments.....or at least their

So it's a new month also so it's time to announce the winner of last months challenge
Spring things....

the winner is .....


How beautiful is this layout! as fresh and bright as a spring day :)
Thank you for all playing along this month :)

Sad to say i have no challenge for this month, But i do have a prize :)

Just create a post on your blog and link back to this post
  the more people to link up to this post the more prizes I'll give away :)

so for every five individual that link up to this post,
i will pop in another prize pack, each prize pack will be different ...

1st prize pack
Now if we get to 20 individuals linking up to this post
then i will do a random draw to give away a $20.00 Gift voucher for my next sale! :)

So tell you friends and get posting & linking!

Also wanted to mentions that the next Eye Candy Magic Sale is

16th October 2011

16th October 2011

With few more one offs and more fabric buttons, more fimo and
some more scrap booking supplies/kits :)

So mark your calenders and get ready to pick up some goodies :)

Hope your all haven a wonderful week and
a HUGE thank you to all my followers and comment Sweethearts :)
they warm my heart and give me creative energy :)

Wishing you all love and bubbles :)