Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today I am thankful

Huge Hello everyone!
Wow Wee what a week!
or should a say a couple of weeks, since my last post.
I have finally gotten a moment after the a long working week,
I have just finished my first five day in a row at Bunning's!
OMG! I know I really should toughen
I did how ever get to go out with the Activities lady at Bunning's and
help out at a crafty school gig :}
Very chuffed to have been asked, really enjoyed sharing that with the kids
 and making wooden pencil cases :}
I'm happy to say that I have been lucky enough to receive more hours
from Bunning's and am now the Bread winner in the
     Justin on the other hand is really doing an absolutely AWESOME job at
running the house!
Seriously wondering how I would ever do without him, my angel :}
Now to enjoy my first day off in a while I wanted to checkout what the lovely
ladies at Sassy Scrappers are up too
Sassy Scrapper
and this months challenge is
to use the quote
this really inspired me to start a SMASH* journal
and really help myself keep focus on the things I am thankful for,
another great reason for scrappen :}
I'm blown away to see a message to say that I had won last month sketch challenge!
OMG! so so so grateful and just utterly over the moon!
Sassy Scrapper
So a HUGE Shout out to Olga and Sassy Scrappers!!
I'm pretty happy to say I have also been still getting my creative thing on
 and diving into some digital scrappen
and creating some Project Life pages through an online class by Jessica Sprague.

I'm pretty stoked with the outcome from this class so I decide to sign up for the
this class goes on for 12 weeks, basically each Friday there is a new lesson
and you learn new techniques and by the end I'll have 12 layouts :}
So a nice easy stepping stone course :}
But I have to admit it's not as good as the real
Got to dive into paint sometime :}
Hope you are all doing the same, getting creative and enjoying the moments we
are all thankful for :}
Sending you loads of warm wishes and HUGS!
Samantha :}