Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inspired By......

Oh so cool! i won!!!! oh my god!!! i'm totally thrilled and amazed and just plain Thankful! Thanks to KAisercraft and their Fantastic Papers and Christine for finding such a wonderful quote! oh you should check out the other enters their layouts are fantastic!! i'm surprised i won....oh so thankful, with money being short in the house and my Birthday next week there is little hope on going a getting a little scrap retail which we all know we so thank you  so much Kaisercraft YOU ROCK!!!!

Scrap HD

Oh totally unreal!! i entered this comp on Kaisercraft Blog, Using Scrap HD website, so cool!! scrap online and use all the very top Brands including Kaisercraft! and you can print your layouts!! very easy and a great way to go digital if you have no photoshop and want to try out Hybird...this is perfect should go try it out! 

I was very over the moon to see that i had won the comp and got a free month of using everything! on the
Scrap HD site!!!

SO go have a go and see what all this digital stuff is all about!