Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New You Tube Vid - RAK up for grabs!!

Huge Hello to Everybody!!
I have finally made my next  Tech vid for adding texture to your layout, So go grab a cuppa or maybe grab one while it's up loading..lol   
The vid is on Using Found objects and paint to add texture and interest to your layouts/cards, If your up for a challenge be the first to upload your own example of this technique into Deb's Creation gallery http://debscreations.ning.com/ and i'll send you a RAK to say thanks for watching and giving it a go :D For closer looks at my layouts go to Deb's creations http://debscreations.ning.com/ But for now you'll just have to enjoy the sneak peeks...lol Oh i'm a cheecky girl...lol!!

 So go check the vids : D
Part 1
 Happy scrappen : D