Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lets share the love!

Huge Hello Everyone!

well it's finally here the month of love!
even though i would like to think every month is filled with love :)

i have to apologize for going MIA i have been in and out of hospital
the past few weeks with a case of phenomena!
yeah i know, how strange?! in this heat?!

so now after a few sets of meds and a week of rest I'm feeling at least hafe normal
 and ready to get back to study Cert IV Accounting and
back to weekend work at Bunning :)

Fresh with a new time management plan so i can fit in some scrappen and bloggin
as i have realized my life is really not as colourful or inspiring
as it it with all my Scrappen Friends


Also decided to share my blogging love by hosting a giveaway every month!
 yep! every month!

I really wish i had the time to keep making and selling my Eye Candy Magic
its just not fitting in with family, work and study    

So i think i would rather share all these goodies with my follower
this way i can share goodies & keep making new random creations :)

Yeah! totally win win! for everyone!

so the giveaways will work on the usually blogging way

Post about the monthly giveaways on your blog and comment on the post with a link!

easy peasy!

the 1st of the next month i will draw a winner and post a new giveaway :)

so for the first Sam i Am's Eye Candy Magic Giveaway

February Giveaway

as you can see i got carried away with the love
but next every months giveaway will be different :)

I also wanted to share the few layouts i created just before i had gotten sick

Your Grassy Toes

I created this layout with Anna's crafting cupboard  Jan sketch
as you can see i have used some of those delish lollipop from Charms Creations

whom is hosting a Sale on the 3rd of Feb here


As well as this amazingly generous giveaway valued to $40!!!
just look at all those delish  goodies of Charm Creations!


Here is another layout i created with a dash of purple pumpkin buttons :)

Mud Puddles

i was having a thing about scarppen


I've been on the look out for some fabric to recover some chairs we picked up
with a newish dinning table,
so am excited to get myself a staple gun and some retro fabric and have a whirl at 
re covering dinning chairs :)

just don't want to pay too much for fabric as there is 6 chairs!

just have to keep my eyes peeled :)

um...i suppose i should get to helping Justin with the cooking or more
like cleaning up after

oh i should mention that my very talented partner Justin has set up a
face book page with all his drawings and portraits he has been commissioned.
check out his  Art works

here is one of my faves he had done from a photo

how sweet!

and i really love this one too

Well darling i really should make a move!

Loves you all and thank you for dropping by :)