Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Does the time go?

Huge Hello Everyone!

OMG! Serioulsy is it the end of the month aready???!!!!
i swear there must be a time warp or something?! lol!
Well with my First semester finishing up and my NOW course finishing
i'm at the turning point of my new journey....
but with that all aside
i have been creating some yummy fabric buttons, brainstorming
desgins for flowers, pins and some chipboard!
my sale date for July is 17th!
yeap i know, why so late? well i'm hoping by that time i'll be able to unveil my chippie designs
and also my first Digital Stamps!
Created My Cartoonist Justin Allison!
OMG! seriously CUTE!
but in the mean time i have a speacil Guset Designer popping on the Blog and showing us
how fun and creative you can be with Eye candy magic!
as well as another monthly challenge!
and the winners of June Challenge, and Speard the word RAK
so if you have some time up your sleeve you should pop on to the challenge link and
give June Challenge a go! only 3 days too go!!

Well after a Big breath!
I have been up to some creative challenges myself!
well you know me, i do LOVE a challenge!
but how many challenges are out there!!!!
i wish i could just stay home and scrap all day long!
but i can't i had squeezed a couple in!
i was really inspired by my fav Challenge blog Scrap Jacked this month
i just HAD to scrap lift Mels Boy layout

coming up with inspiration from the raw chippie and kind of the layout design
coming up with this

As you can
see i have used the yummy eye candy magic car pin and fabric button
along with a new design button for July collection.

I couldn't help but scrp Jack another layout!
so i was taking with Julies layout

   I was inspire with here cluster of flowers and the torn distressed
paper and the way she had paint on the background
 so i came up with this layout

I've also been making loads of spotty buttons this week so it was no wonder
one crept onto my
got to love spots ad stripes!

So a HUGE thank you to the ladies at Scrap Jacked!
you never fail to inspire me!

Did you know there is an awesome New forum started up???

loads of lovely ladies!
and challenges start this Friday!!!
so get a wriggle on over to see what the goss is and meet all the lovely ladies!

Well with just a little bit of a struggle finding my sunday scrap time??
between you and I My partner is quitting smoking and
this first few day is just brutal!
i thought i was moody on my monthlys but hold the phone!
i'm proud he has taken the challenge and i'm supporting him 100%
so sunday scrap was more like come and hide with the kids in the toy room kind of

but i did finish this layout challenge

Mix it up challenge by Kaisercraft
 i had missed this challenge a couple months running so i thought i would get into to it this
 month as the challenge was totally yummy!
  * Rubon Boarder
*Grungy Paint Splatter
* Matching Journaling tag
* Outdoors Adventures Photos

Well how could i say no?!
so inspired with this recipe list i created this layout

Oh i just LOVED this challenge!
Paint splatter!
grabbing the masks and stamps and getting messy!
i ended up with to Tags, one for the title and one for the journalling!
but they both have splatters and fit the layout nicely!
i really love this Jungle Bug collection totally perfect for outdoors photos
so thanks to Kaisercraft for the inspiration!

Well lovely ladies it's time to go finish the washing and make myself and my man some late lunch
so here is hoping your all having a fantastic week!
and your all getting ready for hoildays!

Happiness is what Happiness Does :)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Got to love Sunday!

Huge Hello Everyone!
well it's that lovely time again, yep, Sunday!
Oh man! i love Sunday with all the scrappen time and no one to top me!
*insert evil laugh*

So i have spent my morning first going for a Drive practice with my
Dad and then waking my Big sister at some ungodly hour to make her a coffee
and have a chat :)
than havning a 40 min walk home to start scrappen!
totally perfect!
so with all these good vibes i'm sending them your way!
cause nothing better than sharing positive feeling!
Smile and the world smiles with you!

What did i create this morning!
well i have been hanging on to the both these sketches from Anna's Craft Cupboard
and Handmade By Suzanne too utter awesome scrappen stores!
so first i got into

As you can see i have been bitten by the messy bug!  hehe
i also have to say a HUGE Thank you to Pretty Petal Flowers for my lovely Denim
flowers that i won for a prize totally yummy! and totally perfect for this layout
 how well do they go with my dolies and buttons from this June Blog sale?!

Next was the Handmade by Suzanne sketch

As you can see i have dived head firs into my Sassafrass papers today!
i really LOVE this Mosters collection! totally one of my all time faves!
a little sprinkle of Dolies and twine just for some texture!

If your up for a challenge today why not have a go?!
also there is my Monthly challenge on too!
theme "Blue Skies"
more details at the top of the blog just click the tab :)

I also have been working on some exciting new goodie for July sale, and i'm in the midst of creating
not only my own chipboard designs but some exclusive Digital stamps!

OMG! so exciting! but you'll have to wait!....sneak peeks will come and
i'm just sssooo excited!

Well lovely ladies i hope you all the very restful creative Sunday afteroon!
and i really hope you all get creative during the week :)
keep smiling and enjoy the simple moments :)  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get messy and get creative!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well with the June Sale of Eye candy magic being a  great hit
and goodies running out, i'm happy to say i have already started planning
July sale goodies and i have a very speacial someone
to feature whom also love to play wuth eye candy :)
but you'll have to wait...just a little...hehe
But with that aside i have finally gotten sometime..or
 just make time to scrap!
thats what its all about right!
so i let my hair down and got messy!
i'm really getting into the mix media backgrounds
 i've been seeing, so i armed myself
with Bobunny's Friday Challenge Sketch
and some paint and mist and got stuck into it!
created this layout "New PJ's"
feature little lockie with his new Buzz lightyear Pj's
using the learning curves pattern papers and some eye candy magic! :)

With the mist and paint flying around i thought i would also have a go with the Kaisercraft
using the lovely offshore collection
and a few of my own handdyed dolies
i also went a little crazy with the mists...hehe it was too fun!

As you can see i got into to doodling too and the sewing machine was dusted off
I'm now thinking up big ideas for my next couple of layouts, eyeing off a couple of challenges
and thinking i'll just practice a little before i jump into my Masters enteries...
well almost...hehe

Well lovely ladies i how you have at least enjoyed the colours and i hope ya' ll are getting ready for all lovely weekend ...
i'm debating weather to try and hide from the world and stay in Bed all weekend
snuggling and reading Dead and gone....mmmm sounds good
with a bit of mid night scrappen...hehe

If your looking for a challenge for the weekend, checkout my challenge for Eye candy Magic this Month...
theme "BLUE SKIES"
check the tab at the top for more details :)
and if your in the mood to treat yourself with some eye candy Just checkout my June Sale
Post i still have a few goodies  too please :)

and a HUGE Thank you to all the lovely ladies whom have left me lovely comment
you truly are sweet hearts!  


Sunday, June 12, 2011

JUNE SALE! Eye Candy Magic June Sale !

Huge Hello Everyone!

So sorry, blogger just didn't post when i wanted it too, oops.
Well it's that time again!
More yummy goodies up for sale and more bright colours!
so many kits, but many are one offs and limited in numbers
so make a list of your  delights
 shot me an email @ candyeyemagic@gmail  with your Name & address
and i'll email you back with final total and payment opptions.
Any questions, just shot me an email, i'm happy to help :)
Happy Shopping! :)

First Up are kits...

 Who's Blue?
1x Large owl button 4cm
1x medium button 2cm
1 small owl button ,1 fimo cloud button,1 fimo tree button
Large crochet flower 6cm, med blue flower 3 cm, 2 small flowers 2cm


Bunny pink & Blue
2 med button 2cm, 1 small heart button 1cm,
3 double coloured crochet flowers 3cm, 1 blue flower 3cm, 1 blue small 1cm flower
1 large pink crochet flower 6cm.

*****(SOLD OUT)******

Sprinkles of Pink and blue
1 large mushroom button - 4cm
2 meduim buttons - 2cm 1 small heart 1cm and 1 other small button
3x small 1cm crochet flowers, 3x double coloured med flowers 3cm, 1 large 6cm crochet flower


Red and Green Never Been Seen
1x large lolliepop layered flower 7cm, 1 red crochet flower 3cm, 1 small1cm green,
1x zipper flower3.5cm 1 large owl button, 1 med 2cm button
1x lenght of red and whiter check ruffle ribbon

Purple and Blue Very Drool
1x lolliepop layered large flower 7cm, 1 blue crochet flower 1cm
1 zipper flower 3cm, 1 med button 2cm, 1 large button 4cm, 1 fimo mushroom

Red and Blues
1 large owl button 4cm, 1 monkey button 3cm, 1 small spotty button 1cm
canvas flower 7cm, 1 large red crochet flower 7cm, 1 blue and 1white crochet flowers 3cm
2  fimo swirl hearts, 1 felt spotty button, 1 small and 1 large denim and canvas flower 

 Multi Sprinkles

1 large 7cm and 1 small 3cm satin flowers, 1 large crochet flower 7cm, 1 felt spotty button,
3x med buttons 2cm, 1 small heart button 1cm, 4x small crochet flowers 1cm


One off
Only one of these kits, a collections of varies crochet flowers and felt with a large button 4cm and
a large fishy brad 3cm

Paint me Rainbow
30cm of each ribbon, 3x funky felt flowers and fimo rainbow, mushroom and star button.

Just Flowers

Pastels flower set
Set of three one of each colour, 3cm wide

Blue, green, brown flower
$1.10 each.

Rainbow  flower set
one of each colour one set, 3cm wide
Got to be quick for this set! they run out fast!

Pinks and Blues Set
Large flower 7cm, medium flowers 3cm, small 1cm

Want a mix? set
got to have a few of each? well this is a perfect set with a dash of each flowerand a few button
2 large button 4cm, 1 medium teddy button 2cm.
*****(SOLD OUT)*****

Samiam's Fimo Creations
Set of 3 heart buttons

 set of 5, 2cm mushies 

set 1 star 2.5cm , 2 rocket pins 2cm
$ 3.00

 Set of three car pins
1.5 tall, 2cm wide

Fly a Kite set
your pick, pink and yellow or Green and Orange
kites 5cm tall 3cm wide, tree button 3cm tall 2cm wide cloud button 3cm long 2cm tall
(2 pink and yellow left, 4 green and ornage left) 
Fabric Buttons

Have a cuppa set
med size buttons 2cm

 Lets go driving!
perfect for boy layouts!
set of of 3 2cm

Cake anyone?
set of 2. cake buttons 2cm wide

 Lets go driving 2
set of 2 2cm wide

Haven a cuppa 2
Set of 2 buttons 2cm wide

Get fruity
Set of 3
2cm wide

Large Owl button
4cm wide
******(SOLD OUT)******

Ted and bunny
set of 2 buttons
2cm wide

Birds of a feather
Set of 3 owl buttons
3cm wide

Large Mushroom Button

Bunny love
set of two buttons
med button 2cm  smll button 1cm

Frutiy 2
set of 2 med butoon 2cm

Buckle up set
15 buckles, one of each colour
1cm tall, 1cm wide

Tasty Twine Packs

six colours to choose from.
6 meters packs. your choice of colours

Hand dyed Dolies sets

set of three

Double Dip
set of 4
double dip, 6cm wide

Colour me dolies
pack of 5 big 6cm wide and 5 minis 2.5cm wide

Trims pack
set of 5 colours 30cm each peice
(Only 3)

heart crochet dolies
roughly 8cm by 8cm
$1.00 each
choose your colour

Resin Flowers
set  of 8 resin flowers
one of each colour 2cm wide

Well thats it for this months line up i also have a few of May kits left over and they are $5.
So if you see something want just shot me an email at
with your name and address
and i'll send you the total
and have your candy out to ASAP!
Any questions just shot me an email, i'm happy to help :)

Keep smiling! and enjoy the simple moments!