Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Food for thought..

Have you ever looked into the meanings of colours?
doing Art work your layouts, paints or any other forms of Art that flows into your life,
Bring more meaning to your projects and a little spell crafting you have worked your first bit of magic
into your Art. check it out for a little inspiration and a little of insight into why you go for the same colours : D

Happy scrappen lovelies : D xoxo

i dare not look apon his face, in fear that he would disappear...
Running rampint my lucid dreams,  
Clutching my heart stopping the screams
to sit still long enough to feel it beat...
i give all of myself onto you
my heart, my tears, my forever more
we are one

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still waiting.....

ok still waiting too hear if we got a house, so bitting my nails and being eatin alive by stress!! lol anyway got a couple of Layouts done, a couple of challenges, one for Arty pants, Scrapped my shoes for Scrapbooking Memoeries and now working on the double Layout challenge for the 2nd Week Arty Pants Scrap your pants off.Now to go start cleaning house and find the real eastates number, got to know weather to start appling for another house....bah! to can't wait till it's over and i'm back to serious scrappen : D keep happy darling, be blogg hopping tonight to see what your all getting up too : D Happy scrappen : D xxoo


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feeling a little stressed...

Well its been a while, been so busy cleaning house and gardening, house hunting and keeping Ash and Lockie so theres been very little scrappen i've done and i have failed to keep up daily blog post, but never fear soon all will be sweet, applied for a house today so *fingers crossed* we get it.....i have managed to get a few Lay Outs done heres a few still got to photoshop my others but slowly getting months going to be abit all over the place cause the actual moving will be going on.Started Playgroup up again this week what a relief! so great to in that enviroment, i'm no longer alone with just hard sometimes i feel like an outsider....if i didn't have my Scrappen Forums i'd go a bit crazy. Love Challenge Chicks everyone is so helpful and so nice and so TALANTED!! should check it out.Came across another forum this week at Artypants wow!! some really lovely ladies there too! i can't forget the AWESOME forum @ Allcraft, oh the ladies there are pure gold! all over the place are wonderful women scrappen and sharing their lives : D well on that note i'll leave with the warm and xxoo goodnight lovelies xxxooo

Finally scrapped Ash's 1st christmas with Kaisercrafts yummy christmas carnival PP

Here's a challenge i did for the Arty pants Scrap your pants off 1st challenge. Something old - Bling, Something New - Early Bird PP from Cosmic Cricket, Something Borrowed - scrap lifted Jenny D New beginnings LO in Arty pants Gallery (thanks) and something Blue - Cardstock. 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Set the NIght on Fire

last night got a little fun with a of fire twirling before my night movie and snuggle, only an after thought i should have taken a small video...oh well next time :Di love the photos you can get from fire dancing, i really should do some layout .....maybe do what i use to and dress up in glad rags and put on a show for the 

Ok more weeding today and hope to get some Veg sausage rolls out for lunch, get those vegs into the kids some i so hope my photos come form westnet tomorrow dying to start a scrap

Have a happy scrappy Sunday :D 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Day.. HIP HORAY!!!

Hello everyone : D

not sure what happen to my post from last night....oh well had a great night sleep even if i found after weeding the garden yesterday i got sunburned : ( ok not the most flattering photos
But i'm just being reality i gotta go for more that or i got to be more careful with extracting anyway yesterday i recevide my Kaisercraft goodies :D so i sent the a thank you email and attach a photo of my cheesy grin :D

Here a few layouts i've sqeeze in between cleaning and weeding for the moving Thank you Shaz and Chic for all your lovely comments so nice to know someones love your blogs i'm still trying to figure out why my comments disappear on your blogs??? i've picked the account and submit and gone!?? thats it i'm going to figure it out lol gotta share the love :D thanks again looking forward to sharing and caring :D later tonight i'll post how to Photo shop the mutil pics for you Shaz :D
Happy scrappen lovelies!! :D a weeding i will go 

Monday, October 5, 2009

where to start...

Ok the past couple of days have been filled with sick little boys and one big poor little buggers, i'm just a little headachy but not to bad.Been doing lots of packing for our first big house move since oh about 5years!! so i'm a little scared and very excited!! so not much has happen scrap wise except cropping a whole bunch of photos through photoshop to get printed via Snapfish cause my printer ran out of ink so i'm looking at $50-$60 to get the inks AAAHHHH!! so when a email offer came of 50 prints for 1c each WOOHOO!! 50 prints for $4 including postage i was ssooo happy!!! i just got really crafty with photoshop to fit together my small pics for mutli photo Layouts. So now i have a list of 19 single Layouts and 10 double Layout to do! sweet! i've just got to do some time any way i'll be short and sweet today the sun is shining and the weeds are calling so off to go do some gardening :D
Happy scrappen and Take care and go have yourself a cuddle! :D

Here are a couple of the photos i rearranged so i could get them printed :D got to love technology

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh MY GOD!!!...

WoW!! what a super lucky 24 hours!! i've been to the Kaiser Blog Party and what a Hoot! everyone was posting every where i could hardly keep up, i was in the middle of dinner and washing/clean up so was in and out a little stressed at the end so i eased off and just focused on cleaning up and after everything was finished i sat down to read through the posts at the end post they were asking random question which they were giving out prizes of a Q2 mag and a paper sample pack, i had missed out on a few and the last one was "What is your favourite christmas food/recipe?" i quickly answered Nan's Christmas pudding with icecream and brandy icing! lovely cold and gets up a little to my Super Suprise i won!! WOOHOO!! so stoked!!! so lucky!! there were so many other yummy choices, started to make me really hungry for christmas ;D Than Hey hey its Saturday was on!!! even better!! lol chidhood flooding My dad and eating pan fried Cheese sandwhiches and watching red faces and pluck a duck...oh i laughed so hard last was great!
Than today was FANTASTIC!! Justin my sweetheart had the day of so i had him as company all day : D so we crused through the day doing the house chores and being amused by the kids....oh i so lucky to have my family : D But wait i had a peek at Kaisers blog today just to have a gander at all the creation from last night and to my suprise they had announced the winner of the "Inspired By..." comp they are now holding ever month, there was my user name SAMIAM....OH MY GOD!!! i'm so lucky!!! thats it i'm going to get a lotto anyway i have been one super lucky duck today so i really am focusing so warm and comforting energy out to the universe to grant so happiness to those who need to see the brighter side of life....goddess let it be )0(

This is the Layout i enter i had to use at least three Kasier craft products..... flowers, papers,pearls.
The pictures are of a bunch of flowers my sweetness suprised my with on our seventh Anniversery...aaawww too sweet to you know i had to take the photos to make them last

This is Bucket full of daisy Papers and some K & I chipboard elements. These are my boys sharing a kiss and cuddle...oh too

This a layout i hadn't finish and hid in a box for a few anyway thought i better finish it and pack it into an album..this Photo is of me @ 1week over due with lockie...there is a secert note to my boys on how i felt at this time in my life....simply Happy : D 

    Ok the last one tonight is this Nature walk with Kaiser craft earthy i though the match perfectly....
well i'm feeling sleep and Justin is starting to pull at my heart strings...time for a hot cuppa and a cuddle..
goodnight and sweet dreams : D
sending you wishes of happiness and creative : D