Friday, January 22, 2010

Storeage on a Budget

OK now if your anything like me i love being organized and being orgainzed means your able to find things and get more done quickly! also with storage it really shouldn't have to cost the world, so i have finally orgainized my ribbons, since i very rarely use any and have a lot of it i thought my problem was how i was storing it. After asking a few forums how they stored their ribbons and found a very cheap and green way to store my ribbons. Using an empty Formula Tin and a bunch of zip lock bags i have had since two years ago, just sitting in the dark bit of my a huge so a sort out was in order..... as you can see my ribbons are a complete and the glad bags and empty tin.....tin with a splash of Kasiercraft Lorie Valley range and all my ribbons sorted into colours, i kept some pattern ribbons together also. so next i'll sort out my

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