Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inspriation is everywhere!

Good Morning Lovelies : D
No matter where you are or what you are doing inspiration is everywhere weather it's the colours of nature or the flash advertising or just the lines of the clothes line at a certain angle you can find the muse at work, latly i have been haven restless nights lying in bed hafe sleep and dreaming about the next colour combo or way i want to try on my next layout...lol the hard thing is not remember what it was in the morning..lol or what i have in my stash..lol well i have really been enjoying the sketches and challenges that are being set around the scrappen cyber world, to think a few years ago when i first picked up a scrapbooking Memoeries mag i felt so over whealmed and i wanted to do so much but didn't know where to start, let alone a year into scrappen and feeling very alone in my creative endour As i have not other scrappen friends, Yes My partner is a very gifted Artist and that is how i met him and feel in love was through art school, but scrap booking is just not really the same, not to sum blokes...lol i look back at my Art work in Tafe and realize now that i was always a scrapper, my most prized works were my mixed media paintings and my huge A2 sheets of Collage!    
I remember just sticking an A2 blank sheet of paper on my wall just next to my sterio and haven this beauitful glass serving dish i use to fill with random images i would find from mags and words lots of words! lol i just love doing this it was not for any Tafe assingement just for my pure pleasure...lol so this is where it fisrt happened my scrapping, without even a thought...lol
i do mist painting but with the boys painting is just a mission! you need to have a good couple of hours just to really get into it, but i'm planning to start up when they are a little bit older, as well as scluptor, oh how i miss playing with mesh and plaster! lol
so as i was saying Inspiration is everywhere!
need a boost maybe a sketch?? well if yoiu haven't already tryed out my super simple sketch in my last post maybe you'd like to check out these handy sketch sites : D

so i hope these site can help, i know they have helped me many times : D
so remember to keep smiling and enjoy the ever creative moment
weather your creating a master piece or a mess with the kids.... lol
Happy scrappen Lovlies : D 

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