Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh So Proud!!

Hello everyone!!
I've only just got back from taking Ash too kindy, we had a school Assembley today and the Kindies
were doing a little item, so i had to dress Ash in his PJ's for this which i thought i would have a problem with but funny has it, Ash was in the "I don't want to go to school" mode so i just got his shoes on and said "See you later i'm going to assembly" so Ash came running
We got to school and went straight to assembley and Lockie and I sat and amazment as Ash sat quietly and still!! OMG!!! Then my heart just melted into a puddle of Goo! As Ash and the rest of the Kindies did a little song and dance....Oh my heart was just so full of pride to see Ash standing up there
Haven just as much fun as the rest of the kids and with a huge smile : D
Oh Ash really had me choked up : D *sniff sniff* my baby is growing up!
He better stop doing it or i'll have to talk to some one!!
lol! After the Assembly we all headed back for a Morning Tea with all the Parents and kids
Which was Totally AWESOME!! I just love to see Ash and Lockie playing and haven fun with other kids 
So this Morning has been totally delightful ..the only thing missing was my CAMERA!!
Oh man seriously!!! you think with all the scrappen i do, you think the first thing i would take is my Camera!!
so kicking Myself!!! beside that totally perfect morning!!
Now Lockie and i have a few hours together maybe some cutting and Gluing
Or just a cuddle and movie....
Oh Thank you so Much for all my blessing!!
if i could freeze time it would be now!!
this has been such a eye opener haven Kids...before life was just
so empty....or just more self absorbed...maybe
well if you have had kids you know what i mean and if will : D
I can't thank Justin enough for giving me the gift of being a SAHM if i had to juggle a job between the kids i really think i would be too stessed and tired to enjoy it, well we'll see in a few more
Still i'm just on cloud nine to to see Ash happy and being a little boy...kindy boy : D

Hope your all haven a fantastic day and if not go grab a cuddle!!
Cause you soo deserve it!!

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