Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally a little creative peace!

Huge hello everyone!
i'm sure you'll all argee there is nothing like a slice of
Creative peace to sooth one soul...which i finally got!
after a week of getting organized and sick children i have gotton
my swaps done and a layout!! WOOHOO!
so to show you my swaps i created for Amanda's Swap blog

Now i really thought i may have biten off more than i could chew 
as i signed up for all 5 swaps
Shipping tags
and Stamped images
but funny enough i loved ever moment making these! so i can't wait to do it all again next month!
Also these were my very very First ATC!!
the theme for both the ATC's and the embellishments were Christmas : D

As you can see i really got into the Grinch this christmas!
this is the first year i have started reading "How the Grinch stole Christmas" 
Which the Boys just LOVE and so do I!
Beacause it really shows how christmas means a little bit more! : D
 (I love doing the Grinchy voice too) lol
I'm seriously one of Dr Suess Biggest Fans!   

Well after all the fun of making the ATC's amd the candy canes...which i felt like a real little elf
painting each little red stripe on i even got into the christmas songs...
one of my favs is Rudof the red nose reindeer and Santa's coming to town : D

well i finally got a layout done too!
Thanks to the awesome sketch for My Mind Eye


 SO after raiding my MME stash : D
i came up with this layout : D

I used the little robots collection, which i totally love!
Also used the Yellow clogs from a yellow swap at Deb's creations
from the lovely Mazz {HUGS} Thanks chickie they were totally perfect for this layout!

SO in the end where there is a will they is a
you know what i mean ;P
well i've got a sleepy toddler on my lap wanting Cat in the hat
Happy scrappen lovelies : D   


Rachael said...

HEY Sam! You Totally Rocked the ATC & Embellishments.. They look SOOOO Awesome.. CONGRATS on BO BUNNY too, Well Deserved.. Your LO is TOO CUTE. Fingers crossed for MME challenge, Your LO is another GR8 LO...i'll will post mine when i find 5mins... Hopefully 1st & 2nd for us again.. LOL Hope kiddies are on the Mend.

P.S Thanx for your Lovely, kind words you always leave..

amanda73 said...

wow, wow, lovin all the stuff for the swap...... you did an excellent job of your first atc's, brilliant (the summer ones will be sent soon, im still waiting on one lot, so sorry for the delay)

love that layout too, i just recently done one of connor shaving lol, arent they cute

Vicki said...

Wow! You've been a very busy chicky ... LOVE all of these Sam 'specially the LO.

Marie (Mazz) said...

SamIamyou are and Yurtle the Turtle I am
and now I cant wait to get my hands on that grinch
ATC he he !!
I do love those COGS (note the spelling is not in Dutch LOL) and yes they look SCRUMMY yummy mummy on your LO!! big HUGS and HEARTS my friend to you over there - from me over here :)

Belinda said...

Love what you have done with the sketch Sam, the colours are gorgeous!!!