Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New You Tube Vid - RAK up for grabs!!

Huge Hello to Everybody!!
I have finally made my next  Tech vid for adding texture to your layout, So go grab a cuppa or maybe grab one while it's up loading..lol   
The vid is on Using Found objects and paint to add texture and interest to your layouts/cards, If your up for a challenge be the first to upload your own example of this technique into Deb's Creation gallery http://debscreations.ning.com/ and i'll send you a RAK to say thanks for watching and giving it a go :D For closer looks at my layouts go to Deb's creations http://debscreations.ning.com/ But for now you'll just have to enjoy the sneak peeks...lol Oh i'm a cheecky girl...lol!!

 So go check the vids : D
Part 1
 Happy scrappen : D 


Marie (aka Mazz) said...

Samantha, I LOVE your tutorial/s SO much that I hope you dont mind but i have posted one on my blog...take a peak http://mazzarati.blogspot.com/ oh your ideas and creativity astounds me more each time i visit xxxx

Tina said...

Hi Samantha, Nice tutorial, love your relaxed presenting style, cool creativity, and your layout looks great.

amanda73 said...

loved your tutorial...thanks for sharing.... will definitely give it a go