Friday, January 21, 2011

Bring on the Coffee!!

Huge hello Everyone!
Hope your friday is finding you well and has given you enough time for
all the important things and of cousre the

Well totday was a bit of a challenge
just getting out of bed and organizes was a mission
so out comes the super dooper coffee
Now two layouts later and all the chores done...well
except for dinner....I'm able to jump on real quick and show you what i've been up too...

Now first i really wanted to get these photos scrapped..
you know those ones that have been floating around on your desk for a
Well those ones!!
now i found it really hard to match these colours in the Kaisercraft ranges as i wanted 
to do last Saturday sketch before tomorrows,
I ever started name calling the editor of these photo..
lol which is
WHy couldn't i have just fiddle with the Saturation or Just made them black and white!!
lol! now thats one trick i have learned scrapbooking
Trick #1 make sure your pattern papers, matches the colours in your photo/s
so this was a mission, any way settled on what was left of the Roboctics range from
way back...

As you can see the blue is a little off (LOL that beein nice)
but still i was trying to match up the yellows and reds...and sort of
oh well still time to do this sketch again :D

Next i Dived into the New Pallet from The Colour Room
Now when i fisrt saw this pallet i was .."oh yeah blues?!"
then after a look at what the Creative team came up wiht i just went straight for 
my Fancy Pants Happy together collection

So with a sprinkle of prima and a some lovely Glimmer mist i cam up with this
darling layout...
Well my man is given we the un spoken code of "it's my turn on the computer"
LOL! so i better bend to the whim of My Working man
You how it is keep your your family happy :D
their happy your happy :D

Hope you've enjoyed my little


Rachael Funnell said...

Coffeeeeee! gotta love it!! your Kasiercraft layout is super dooper CUTE...
OMG love love love your You+ Me= Happy layout!! So many amazing details...

Maybe need some of that Coffee!!

Donna said...

First time to your blog, and I will be back, love love the last layout, stunning, and so know what you mean regarding coffee. Only thing is I need about 4/5 to get me going running round after my 6 wee brats. Happy scraapin, look forward to your next posting