Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mrs Creative Butterfly Rachel is haven a giveaway!

Huge Hello to everyone!

Now i'm sure you all love giveaways!
and i'm sure you love Mrs Creative Butterfly...
OMG! seriously this love is a one stop inspirational centrel!
I so totally {HEART} Rachel Blog
Not only are you in awe by her layouts but she is the Queen on close ups!
which in i think really get you creative!
as well as Rachel and i share a passion for a Challenge
so truely you got to pop over just to have a look and become a FOLLOWER!

Yes, i hear you "What about the Giveaway Sam!"
so sorry but i personally go out of my way to check out Rachel
blog cause she is that freakin AWESOME! lol
ok enough! i'm starting to sound like a

Now the Lovely Rachel has had a stash clean up and has 
TWO Kits for this Giveaway! a BOYs and a GIRLs!
so all you got to do is pop over to her blog check out the details 
and seriously check out her work cause she ROCKS!
i'm not going to post photos of her kits cause you need to get your butt over there!

Ok i have to say too you are going to love these kits! they are so delsih! and generouse!!
i would totally love to pounce on one of these!
also she has some of her own silk handmade flower! YUMO!

ok enough! you know what you got to do!
Check it out!



1 comment:

Rachael Funnell said...

OH SAM! Your too much... THANKS SO VERY MUCH for your support, I truly do appreciate the amazing words you have said.......
Gee it's SO nice to have YOU a blogger friend!!!!
You have 3 Entries for the Boy kit.