Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey Hey its Scrappen Sunday!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well what a fun filled week we have had this week!

Besides me catching a cold and feeling rotten for most of the week
(thank god i can breath again!)
Tafe was amazing this Firday as we started our First Aid course and i now know how to
do preform CPR, i'm feeling awesome about leasrning all this as 
i really want to help instead of just panicing, god forbid anything happens
but if it does lets hope i get in and help!

I am so greatful for my class at TAFE all the ladies that go are fantastic and our lecture
Sarah Lotzs is AMAZING! i'm always happy to
see what she has to say and have a good time learn with her,
Very excited for one of our project/assesments is to create a vision board/mindmap
sort of...but the theme is Yourself now, future and your goals..
so super excited to use my skills in a creative way :)
so i will keep you all posted on that massive creation, with process details.

I have also got to say i have had a few awesome days of being creative with my partner,
most times when he goes off to paint or draw we stay in differnt areas,
but this week i was scrappen right next to him, well give or take a couple of
while Justin was finishing of his HUGE painting for The Vasse Art Award held on the 23rd April
it's called "Sea Within" it's really amazing...i should have taking a photo but i think i'll wait till he is finished to show you all, anyway
it was really nice just enjoying each others company while doing something we both love.

So what layout did i get done while i was scrappen???
i had a crack at a Scrap Jacked layout :)
i Scrap lifted Vicki's layout, using it as a many layers and i love that she created her own
background with a little mist.

so with this in mind i broke out the paints cause they were all there
with Justin..hehe

As you can see i really had some fun :)
These handmade canvas and denim flowers i will be sell on the 1st of May
with a bunch of other goodies i've been making.

I also used the scraps from my DT pack from  Scrap Therapy

whom has just posted up one of my first creations with this  

As they have launched a new forum so you should checkout the new set up!
so joy! and they are holding comps this month with $25 each comp! how joy!
they have also brought back Man of the Month
this is where they pick a designer to play with and create some awesome artworks with!
this month is Teresa Collins and you'll find my work here 
       Oh what a thrill to see my name and work in a Guest Design spot!
EEEEE! so exciting!

so now i've got to show you some of the goodies i have made this past two weeks,
funny to find out that i really need to time manage if i'm going to get any scrappen done with 
handmaking these goodies, TAFE and rent inspection on Wednesday!
lol! i think it's only hard when it something you don't like doing like cleaning and

still i so love making these fimo creations and have loads more ideas! as well as these flowers!
OMG! i so love making flower! with two boys i never really got into flower
but to make them! so much Fun!


Oh i am so excited to start on some raindow silk flowers! but more a vintage rainbow..
some thing to go with those bottle tops caps,
Oh so excited waiting on a button, badge maker too!
oh the fun i am going to have!

So all of these and more will be posted up for sale in kits and singles on
1st MAY 2011 as well as my new Monthly Blog Sketch challenge
where you can have a chance to win one of my handmade kits :)

so much fun for everyone!
lol well i think thats about it...ummm oh yesterday was a FULL on clean out scrap stash!
OMG! the things i found!
i was thinking of making up a couple scrap kits from my over flowing stash
huummm where to put all this stuff!
sort of shot myself in the foot when my partner saw how much stuff was really hidding in my 
scrappen space, he is now sure i don't need to buy any more till my 30th birthday!
Man that like 3years away!....
oh well :) 
still can sneak out on the weekends with my

Well thank you all so much for haven a looksy and seeing and listen to what i have been up to
i am really excited to get to wednesday, cause thats the day i can finally hop
on to a computer that doesn't get the hiccups when i blog hop,
so i'll be all ready with a notepad to soak up all the inspiration your
all spearding around cyber space :)

Thank you also for all your lovely comments     
they make me smile :)
happy Sunday Scrappen!
My Fav day in the whole week to get my scrap on!


Julie said...

Just love your jack layout and enjoyed reading what you have been up to Sammi.

Yay on the GDT at Therapy. I love your work and it is going to be a blast working with you this month.

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Gorgeous SJ layout Sammi. xx

Marie (Mazz) said...

well well...CONGRATULATIONS!!! on starting your own blog & comp!! I HOPE HOPE HOPE I will be IN LIKE FLINN ...LOL ...please save some for MOI!! I so need those vintage bicycle bottle caps and those (first) hand made flowers you have there!! I just LOVE your work and I just HEART HEART you too SamIam xxxx

Vicki said...

Hey Sam ... so excited that you chose to jack my layout this month :)!!! Huge congrats on the ST guest spot ... your style is so fab & inspiring xx

Rachael Funnell said...

Hey Hey SAM!! Gee Wiz what a long post girlfriend.... LOL!
Glad to here tafe is making you smile!! Secondly A BIG CONGRATS on your GDT spot for Scrap therapy! your LO is SENSATIONAL.... Love the photo of you, the paint, the colors & of cause those flowers..
WOW! you have been a busy little BEE!! all your cute lil creations are looking FABBO!
Enjoy your Week!

Melissa said...

OG have done a sensational job jacking Vicki's those splashes of orange and blue....smashing girl!!!!!!!

Annnnnnnnnd how darn gorgeous are your little goodies you are the clouds with their cute face and the mushies, and the hearts and the flowers...Oh I will be stalking...clever, creative you.
So glad you are loving Tafe, and BIG CONGRATS on your GDT possie at Scrap Therapy.xxoo Mel

ann said...

Loving your Jack so striking !!!

Bec said...

Gorgeous page!!
Love the paint work and the mesh. Really catches your eye with those colours.
Can't wait to see your partners painting!!!
What a clever girl you are with all those pretties too!!
Thanks for playing along with us at Scrap Jacked!

phatassphairy said...

i love the colours that you have used in the jacked vicki lo...awesome take on the challenge