Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazy Sunday Scrappen

Huge Hello Everyone!

Well what a lovely day totday has been, i hope it has been the same for you! 
Now it's no secret that i love scrappen my heart out on Sandays, but today i was taking it slow
as my lecture would say i was 'Fluffling around" lol what
a fantastic
i so love fluffing
but i did finish my layout and enjoyed washing and clean with the help of lockie
what a sweet heart :)

Well todays challenge i got into was Kraft it Up
cahllenge - No Pattern Paper!
Now this is a bit of a challenge as i so love pp! and that is my main go to for colours and
pattern and like well everything!
so i really had to put my thinking cap on and
dived into my material/fabric scraps....
with some of my painted and stamped masking tape...dash of mist and more of my handmade
buttons and fimo! :)

 i'm seriously loven haven these crochet flowers on hand and all this string!
really gives my inspiration a boost!
Well tomorrow morning i'm just going to take the plunge and get my learners permit,
i can't let fear rule me...
and i have some Eye candy to instead of sneaking past the ladies
i'm going to just do it!
and if i fail i'll do it again on Thursday!
so there! i've told myself whats going down so just suck it up princess!
i really have to kick myself in the butt for letting it go on for how long it has....
i usally not a procrastinator, but when fear is involed, i avoid....
so here goes nothing..... :)

But tonight...well i'll be staying up late watching True Blood with my partner and thinking of
Kirsten getting up in the middle of the night to watch Vampire Daires on GO @ 11.30pm
You go girl! anything to get the fix!
i'll be totally in  there spirit, at least doing the same thing :)

Well chickies babes, it's time to reset the rostors and begin
another fun filled week!
till next weekend!


Nadia Cannizzo said...

Fantastic work! I love your layout. SO happy and bright! Thanks so much for playing along at KIU!

Kirsten said...

Lol. I'm bout to try and get some sleep. Alarm is set for 11:35. Hope I hear it. Awesome layout, who needs patterned paper when u do layouts like that. Oh and I just snuck in an episode of true blood before bed.

sandi said...

Wow! This is absolutely fab! Love the entire design...soooooooo fun!

Kylie said...

love it to bright and funky

Lisa's Passion to Scrap said...

Gorgeous Sam, so bright n happy! Love all your handmade goodies.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

love love that layout. and uh.. Trie Blood? i haven't watch any.. but am reading the first book now!! so exciting!

Karen Shady said...

what a totally cute layout, and photos.... love all of it...

jodee76 said...

Very Cool Sam! So bright and funky. I Love it!!

Cathy said...

Awesome LO Sam.. so vibrant and funky.. you are a colour Queen!! Thanks for playing along at KIU :))

Celeste Vermeend said...

Totally gorgeous! I love the string too! Yay - for Trueblood!!

Marie (Mazz) said...

totally cool creative LO's SamIam :D