Sunday, June 19, 2011

Got to love Sunday!

Huge Hello Everyone!
well it's that lovely time again, yep, Sunday!
Oh man! i love Sunday with all the scrappen time and no one to top me!
*insert evil laugh*

So i have spent my morning first going for a Drive practice with my
Dad and then waking my Big sister at some ungodly hour to make her a coffee
and have a chat :)
than havning a 40 min walk home to start scrappen!
totally perfect!
so with all these good vibes i'm sending them your way!
cause nothing better than sharing positive feeling!
Smile and the world smiles with you!

What did i create this morning!
well i have been hanging on to the both these sketches from Anna's Craft Cupboard
and Handmade By Suzanne too utter awesome scrappen stores!
so first i got into

As you can see i have been bitten by the messy bug!  hehe
i also have to say a HUGE Thank you to Pretty Petal Flowers for my lovely Denim
flowers that i won for a prize totally yummy! and totally perfect for this layout
 how well do they go with my dolies and buttons from this June Blog sale?!

Next was the Handmade by Suzanne sketch

As you can see i have dived head firs into my Sassafrass papers today!
i really LOVE this Mosters collection! totally one of my all time faves!
a little sprinkle of Dolies and twine just for some texture!

If your up for a challenge today why not have a go?!
also there is my Monthly challenge on too!
theme "Blue Skies"
more details at the top of the blog just click the tab :)

I also have been working on some exciting new goodie for July sale, and i'm in the midst of creating
not only my own chipboard designs but some exclusive Digital stamps!

OMG! so exciting! but you'll have to wait!....sneak peeks will come and
i'm just sssooo excited!

Well lovely ladies i hope you all the very restful creative Sunday afteroon!
and i really hope you all get creative during the week :)
keep smiling and enjoy the simple moments :)  


Marie (Mazz) said...

SamIam...are so fantastic and quick at creating such EYE CANDY MAGIC !! These are SO SO fabulous I just LOURVE it all :)

amanda73 said...

omg i love both those Layouts, particularly in love with the 1st one....... lovin what you create, i love your stuff too, but you already know that lol....and you know ive done your challenge, cos i love those of yours too