Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sneak peek, Sale is coming!

Huge Hello Everyone!

Now i'm off the hook with rent inspection cleaning and
all my other resonsablities...
well making yummy Eye candy is what i consider Play!
with all the delish materials and patterns i've been working up
i am happy to show you
my tattered flowers!
i wanted to have texture!
if there is anything besides colour i love, it's texture!
so with these little beauties i hope i inspire you to play...
well this is just a peek of the Vintage Chenille flowers!
along with the exciting parcel i recieved today...
it's my chippie! YEP!
that means i have my first design chippie up for sale too!
along with these cute pins...

oh this is just a post about all the things i've been working on..hehe
and to let you know that the July Sale is going a head for 17th..
thats right this SUNDAY!
just to be even a little more exciting whom ever post up about this sale on their blog
has the chance to grab them self some candy!
your choice of eirther

just post this on your blog with the details and link!
seriously! remember not to fear if you miss the sale day,
all my eye candy that doesn't sell on the day is still up for sale through out the month
Just got to click on the Eye candy sale here tab and
you  can take your pick!

As for My Digital stamps!
well i've got an exciting few Ladies whom have a taste for the digital stamp
that are going to show just how fun these cuties are to play and create with!
Remember these Digital Stamps are New and exclusive to Eye candy Magic,
designed  by cartoonist Justin Allison

But these Digital Stamps are only going to be up for sale on the 1st of August!
not into digital stamps?
well never fear! these little digi's are so darn cute i'm wanting to make them into chipboard too!
so i'll have new chippie designs going through the works as well as some more flowers!
OMG! the creative spirit is roaming free around this house hold!
and i want to share it with all of you!

thrill i have seeing my creation on your creations makes my heart soar!
to know that my little cuties have inspired you to create is just undescriable!
thank you all for all your support and comments!
they fuel my spirit and help me keep on, keeping on!  :D

well with all this said i have also gotting into the scrappen! i had to try out these fish
and starfish fimo on the Handmade by suzen Sketch
for July

Well i'm feeling a little light headed
i think it's almost time to have dinner and sit and dream my next creation :)

So if your into the loop with Global Scrappers you will know that there is
an added suprise for the first four people to buy a kit on Sunday...
what you may ask??
well thatsa just for a Global scrapper to know :)
so interested pop over to Global scrappers to find out more! :)

HUGE {{{{HUGS}}}  
  don't forget 17th! Sunday! SALE! :)


Alanna said...

Great sneaks Sam! I need those chenille flowers - divine!

I'll be here on Sunday :) And I've posted on my blog of course!

Mitralee said...

LOVE your stuff even more in person. My little package just arrived. Page already done with some of it! Stalk my blog later for a peek! I will link back to you, btw.

amanda73 said...

I NEED those chenille flowers,,....i want, i need...... i love all these////////i will blog this a little later.

Kirsten said...

i've just put it on my blog.
gorgeous stuff for sale. will check it out. k

amanda73 said...

its blogged.......with my pleasure

off to check out global scrappers to see what the surprise is....

Vicki said...

Can't wait to see your digi stamps & chippie, Sam ... bring on Sunday :)!

I've posted the details on my blog